Prepper News Watch for May 15, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Q&A With R. Lee Ermey: “What Is Your Major Malfunction?”
  2. Daily Mail: Rise of Fashonable Armed Woman
  3. How to Safely Cross a Stream on Your Family Hike
  4. 14 Creative Hidden Storage Solutions for the Over-Stocked Prepper
  5. The HERC: The famous tea light oven
  6. Penetration of Small Arms for Home Defense
  7. INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Ways Paracord Can Help You In a Pinch
  8. MAT-Mods: Enhancements for the Dakota Alert MURS Alert Transmitter
  9. Survival Kits 101
  10. Overland Expo: Connecting with the Outdoors and Learning Self-Sufficency
  11. What I Have Been Using for a Painful Second-Degree Burn
  12. Busse FBM Field Test
  13. An Unconventional and Compact Fishing Kit


  1. ICE Ordered to Stay Silent on Release of 36,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants
  2. VIDEO: Cat Saves Boy From Dog
  3. Sessions on Release of Criminal Aliens: ‘Dangerous Offenders Should Be Kept in Custody’
  4. China Accuses U.S. of ‘Provocative Actions’ in South China Sea
  5. Austrian Army ‘No Longer Financially Viable’ Says Defence Minister
  6. Van Susteren on 36k Released Illegal Immigrants: ‘Don’t Put Them on Our Streets’
  7. The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Military
  8. Why Are Ukraine Troops Using UN Helicopters, Russia Foreign Minister Asks
  9. Russia Will Hold Massive Air Drill Along Ukraine Border On Ukraine Presidential Election Day

Freedom Issues

  1. American Handgunner Magazine: More Guns, Less Crime
  2. WaPo Wrings Hands Because Some Americans Build Their Own Guns
  3. San Diego Gun Store First in U.S. to Have Active Shooter Simulator
  4. VA Actions Kill Veterans–a Precursor for Obamacare?
  5. Illinois: Anti-Gunner “Wish List” Legislation Introduced
  6. Alabama Legislature aims to protect sportsmen’s rights
  7. Louisiana’s Jindal will sign guns in restaurants bill
  8. Anti-Gunners Pursue Grand Slam Of Hypocrisy
  9. Dave Workman: CeaseFire, Town Hall ‘Civics Series’ to discuss gun control Monday


  1. Apocalypse Later The BOE is Surely Not so Oblivious as It Appears
  2. 5 Critical Questions About the Strength of the US Economy
  3. Report: Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”
  4. Ukraine Just Issued $1 Billion Bonds Backed By The US Taxpayer
  5. The Truth About Inflation That No One Wants to Admit
  6. Here’s Why The Baltic Dry Index Is Collapsing (In 1 Image)
  7. Where’s The Cheapest (And Most Expensive) Gas In The World?
  8. Homebuilder Confidence Plunges To 12-Month Lows
  9. Russia Dumps 20% Of Its Treasury Holdings As Mystery “Belgium” Buyer Adds Another Whopping $40 Billion
  10. Can A Nation $17 Trillion In Debt Afford Higher Interest Rates & Will This Change Our Retirements?
  11. The End (of the Silver Fix) Is Nigh
  12. Gold up 10% year-to-date while S&P 500 trails with 3% gain, where would a civil war in the Ukraine take us?
  13. Where It’s At in the Cycle Is What’s Important
  14. Is a Major Correction and Bear Market Around the Corner?

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Extremely Deadly Virus will Come from the Muslim World | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat
  2. Net neutrality: what is it and why does it matter?
  3. Southern California wildfires force thousands to evacuate in pictures
  4. Rate of US honeybee deaths ‘too high for long-term survival’
  5. Homes Destroyed, Thousands Evacuated as Fires Rage in San Diego County
  6. You Can Now Text 911 in an Emergency
  7. 3D Printing Goes Mainstream With This Low-Cost Next Generation 3D Printer
  8. Army Developing Air-Cooled Gas Masks | Kit Up!
  9. New: Public Health Matters Blog – An Unpredictable Spring
  10. Weak Hurricane Season Forecast Good News for Drivers

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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