Prepper News Watch for May 12, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Vegetable Barley Beef Soup
  2. Keeping It Real Simple… Bread Making for “Dummies” or Those Who Are Kitchen Challenged
  3. Guest Article: Evil Exists, by L.A.
  4. Get Your Kids Outside!
  6. Square Foot Gardening 101: SEEDS!
  7. Essential Surival TV – Top 10 Uses for Dandelion
  8. Beyond Prepping: 72 Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life
  9. Seriously, Stop Refrigerating These Foods – Refrigerators
  10. This Infographic Shows What You Can (and Can’t) Turn Into Compost
  11. Every Day Carry Bag Dump Contest: MK in Germany
  12. Why You Want a Family Picture in Your Bug Out Bag
  13. …..On keeping chickens
  14. Is the Dollar at a Turning Point ?
  15. How to Keep Yellow Jacket Wasps Away
  16. Disaster Preparedness: How Group Psychology Plays a Role in Survival
  17. How To Store Seeds
  18. Taking Stock of the Garden’s Winter Losses
  19. The Importance of Keeping Data Storage Low-Tech
  20. The Safest Areas in America: An Expanded Western Relocation Zone
  21. Intelligence Insider Reveals Framework Of the Next World War: “This is How You Have to Think About Escalation and End Games”
  22. Raised Planters for Your Garden
  23. An Updated List of Medical Supplies
  24. Advice on preparedness……
  25. How To Get Your Wife On-board With Prepping
  26. Hi Gear Survival Blanket Helikon Magnesium fire starter Uncle…
  27. Saddleback Leather Medium Chestnut Bag (3 years old with World…
  28. Survival Medicine Hour: Head injuries, Open Wounds, Ulcers
  29. Sweet Wheat Berry Cranberry Salad
  30. What To Do If You Cannot Grow A Garden
  31. Ukraine, Europe Throw Hissy Fits Over Putin’s Visit To “Annexed” Crimea


  1. 400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports
  2. Iran leader slams West’s ‘stupid’ missile stance before talks
  3. Putin Warns “Other Countries Must Respect Russia”
  4. Latest Satellite Images Show No Russian Troop Withdrawals
  5. Anti-Sanctions? Putin Lifts “Limits” And China Agrees To Increase Investment In Russia
  6. Ukraine Scrambles Fighter Jets, Intercepts Airplane Carrying Russian Deputy Premier
  7. Deflation Shock Coming?
  8. Russia threatened with further sanctions if it derails Ukraine elections
  9. North Korea renews threat to conduct nuclear test
  10. Hamas’ Children’s TV Show Tells Kids To Kill Jews (Video)
  11. Putin Responds to Sanctions with Speech: ‘Crimea’ Has Returned to ‘Motherland’
  12. US Airliner’s Near Collision with Drone

Freedom Issues

  1. David Codrea: ATF Working to Impose Multiple Rifle Sales Reporting Under the Radar
  2. Jack in the Box Would ‘Prefer’ Guests Not Bring Guns Inside Restaurants
  3. Smart Gun Mandate Makes Gun Ownership Rich Man’s Game
  4. Arizona: US Forest Service Community Forum on The Tonto National Forest
  5. Appropriations Bill Passes Without Anti-Gun Amendments
  6. Anti-Gunners Tell the States: “Adopt Foreign Gun Laws”
  7. Another Magazine Ban in the Works
  8. G&A Man on the Street: What’s the Biggest Threat to Gun Owners in 2014?
  9. CO:Gun transfer laws stall firearm returns
  10. MO: Constituitonal Amendment to Strengthen Right to Arms on November Ballot
  11. David Codrea: UK ‘journalists’ epitomize snotty attitude toward U.S. gun owners
  12. It’s been a busy week for women defending themselves.
  13. FEC Chairman Warns Of Forthcoming Government Media Censorship
  14. GOP Defunds Effort to Force California, Other Borders States to Report Long Gun Sales
  15. Arianna Huffington Asks Moms to Join ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ Anti-Gun Group for Mother’s Day
  16. San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department Pulls Deputies Because Their Guns Won’t Fire
  17. British Islamist: Muslims Should Humiliate Christians to Make them Convert
  18. Mel Brooks Blasts Political Correctness: ‘Blazing Saddles’ Couldn’t Be Made Today
  19. Ignorance of radical Islam’s history is death
  20. Washington Post: Time For New Jersey to Enact ‘Smart Gun’ Mandate


  1. Toyota is Leaving, but Sriracha Hot Sauce Will Stay in California
  2. Paul Craig Roberts Warns “The US Economy Is A House Of Cards”
  3. Global debt enters terminal velocity mode: Why central banks have no intention of slowing their public and private debt binge.
  4. War Cycle-Europe Absolute Disaster Zone-Martin Armstrong
  5. Interview: Economist John Lott Launches Initiative to Facilitate Truthful Reporting About Guns
  6. Obama Installs Solar Panels on White House Roof to Power 22 Light Bulbs
  7. Millions of US $20 Bills Counterfeited, Scammer Says ‘Screw You,’ America
  8. Obama Admin Approves $20 Billion for New Presidential Helicopters
  9. Why the U.S. Is Not Experiencing “Raging Inflation”
  10. Cameron: Give Us Access To Your Bank Accounts or We’ll Raise Taxes

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Study: Himalayan Glaciers not Disappearing After All
  2. Configure Parental Controls Remotely from Any Mac in Your Home
  3. Almonds, Rice Suffer Drought’s Worst Effects
  4. UK Guardian: ‘Climate Change’ to Blame for Boko Haram and Nigerian Girls’ Kidnapping
  5. Experts Warn Congress: Attack On Power Grid Could Lead to “Catastrophic Civilian Casualties”
  6. 90% Less Weeding And Never Buy Compost Again
  7. Google faces fresh trial over Android copyright after 2012 ruling struck down
  8. Honeybees abandoning hives and dying due to insecticide use, research finds
  9. Danger of drones highlighted by near collision with airliner in Florida
  10. Attempts to stay anonymous on the web will only put the NSA on your trail
  11. Russian Plans Moon Colony by 2030
  12. suffers data loss; users’ emails, passwords, OAuth tokens taken
  13. How To Make a 3 Penny Battery

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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