Prepper News Watch for March 5, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Episode 211 – Essential Oils
  2. Predator 4000 Generator Update – Wheel Kit Installation and Heavy Load Test
  3. Chocolate Ice Cream Cups Recipe
  4. Dealing with Poo After a Disaster
  5. The Original Storm Kettle
  6. Inside the Israeli Defense Forces, Part 4: MSE Reflex Sight Manipulation
  7. The Ultimate Starter List For Every Get-Home Bag | Off The Grid News
  8. Will Your Family Survive SHTF Without You? – The Prepper Journal
  9. Survival Central » The paranoid’s survival guide: How to protect your personal data
  10. Understanding The Stress Response: It Can Buy You Valuable Seconds
  11. Are we headed for a food shortage?
  12. VIDEO: Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage
  13. Temperature Versus Food Storage Shelf Life
  14. Knot of the Week: Eliminate Zipper Jingle with Paracord Pulls
  15. RattlerStrap Paracord Belt
  16. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet Seiko SNE139P1 Titanium…
  17. Anker 2nd Gen. Astro3 12000mAh External Battery Spyderco…
  18. Surviving an Economic Collapse – Advice from Mark Goodwin, Author of The Economic Collapse Chronicles
  19. CRKT Parasaw Survival Bracelet
  20. Can Cooker Feeds Whole Clan


  1. What the Russian (and Chinese) papers are saying about Ukraine
  2. Ukraine Won’t Pay Russia For Gas, Has Billions In Obligations Due; Europe Promises Aid Money It Doesn’t Have
  3. Ukraine crisis: Russia to hold talks with Nato in bid to avert war
  4. Stock Rally Stalls As Russia Test-Fires Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
  5. Russian Nat Gas Game Theory
  6. PCR – Ukraine “More Dangerous Than Cuban Missile Crisis”
  7. New Jersey gas explosion: one dead and 10 homes destroyed after line cut
  8. Russia Tests Intercontinental Ballistic Missile With US Knowledge

Freedom Issues

  1. Washington Times: ‘Huge Majorities’ on East Coast Support National Gun Registry
  2. Florida Urgent Alert! Zero Tolerance Shouldn’t Mean Zero Common Sense
  3. 20 Years After Brady Law, Criminals Still Get Guns
  4. Utah: Legislature Looking to Raid Concealed Firearm Permit Account
  5. Connecticut Carry to State Officials – We Dare You To Enforce Your Gun Ban!
  6. CT:Politicians Panicing
  7. The Constitution Does Not Guarantee Public Safety, It Guarantees Liberty
  8. Smith & Wesson handgun sales spike 30%
  9. John Lott: ‘No Real Scientific Evidence’ Background Checks Reduce Crime
  10. Facebook to Gun Control Groups: We’re Not Selling Anything
  11. Ten-Year-Old Suspended for Pointing Finger Like a Gun


  1. The next shoe to drop on your retirement account
  2. Bernanke Admits More Of His Mistakes
  3. Russian Dollar Dump Could Crash Financial System-John Williams
  4. Russia Threatens To Abandon The U.S. Dollar And Start Dumping U.S. Debt
  5. Russia and its Dollar Reserves: Going Nowhere Fast
  6. Say’s Law And The Permanent Recession
  7. Bernanke Finally Reveals, In One Word, Why The Financial System Crashed
  8. Fed Talk Shifts to Higher Rates
  9. White House sees jobless rate over 6% until 2017
  10. More Retail Woes: RadioShack Closing 1,100 Stores

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Monster 100W LED Flashlight for Under $10!
  2. Watch What Happens to This Crocodile. Hint: It’s Not Pretty.
  3. Ukraine Steps Up Protection Of Its Nuclear Power Plants, Cites “Grave Russian Threat”
  4. 95% of ATMs face end of security support
  5. Long winter costs US states millions as salt runs low and plows work overtime
  6. A Second BitCoin Exchange Goes Bankrupt

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. Prepper Fest
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos


  1. FREE Radioactive Hot Particle Testing of Auto and Home Air Filters

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