Prepper News Watch for March 3, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Shotgun Advice
  2. The Myth of Expiration Dates on Prescription Meds
  3. The Owner-Built Log House * Log Construction Manual
  4. NEW: Emergency Health and Safety Tip for March 3, 2014 – Be prepared for all natural disasters.
  5. Focusing on Dental Health & the Devastating Effects If You Don’t
  6. Organize and Maximize Your Pantry Space with Lazy Susans
  7. This Desktop Air Conditioner Is Really Cool!
  8. (Ed. Note: Stupid, stupid, stupid) When you train with professionals…
  9. When To Start Planting Your Garden
  10. Preparedness Inventory Assessments: When was the last time you checked your preps?
  11. Video of the Week: The 80% AR-15 Lower Do it Yourself Instructions
  12. Start Planning Your Garden
  13. Knife Porn: Cold Steel’s 1917 Pig Sticker
  14. Streamline Your SOFTT-W Tourniquet with this DIY Flat Fold Method
  15. Homegrown Food Movement Leader, John Jeavons, Interviewed By Marjory Wildcraft
  16. Rite in the Rain Notebook Fisher Space Pen Bullet Custom Credit…
  17. Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen iPhone 4 Leather Coach Card…
  18. Zippo Swiss army automatic watch Zebra light sc31w Saddleback…
  19. Strider HT-T in CPM-3V Monkey Edge edition Strider SNG DGG…
  20. Syderco Cat G10 Pilot Easy Touch Pro Pen Streamlight Microstream…
  21. Bushnell Banner 1-4 Scope
  22. Firing The Wrong Caliber Bullets In The Wrong Caliber Handgun
  23. Paul Craig Roberts – World Is Now On The Edge Of Nuclear War
  24. Two Small Items from SHOT: Silky Saws and QuickClot
  25. Reader Tip: How to Sharpen a Knife with a Coffee Cup
  26. ATV Maintenance Tip: Don’t Neglect the Battery
  27. Survive the Zombie Deer Apocalypse in this Bunker
  28. Rimfire Ammo Shortage Continues
  29. Knife Review: The Spartan Harsey Difensa
  30. How Unheralded Wood Stoves Could Save the World
  31. How to Go Ice Fishing Without Freezing to Death
  32. How to Install a Deadbolt
  33. A Simple Tree Branch Can Become a Backyard Water Filter
  34. How to Install Your Own Driving Lights


  1. Mike Vanderboegh: Why even the most isolationist and unconcerned Fudd should care about the Ukraine — Poof! There goes the Russian ammo supply.
  2. North Korea fires more missiles amid US-Seoul military drills
  3. Marine Corps Reverses Ban on Rolled Sleeves | Kit Up!
  4. Ukraine Acting President Says Russia Has Invaded Ukraine, As 2000 Russian Troops, Military Jets Arrive
  5. US Ships Approaching Sevastopol? Mapping US Naval Assets
  6. Memo to Obama: This Was Their Red Line!
  7. Ukraine Orders Full Military Mobilization
  8. NATO’s North Atlantic Council Condemns Russia’s Military in Crimea, Ukraine
  9. US Official: Russia in Control of Ukraine’s Crimea Province
  10. How to Annex Another Nation’s Territory: The Crimean Invasion in 6 Steps
  11. U. S. and Russian Friendship Ending: Obama and Putin at Odds

Freedom Issues

  1. Florida Alert! TWO (2) Pro-Gun Bills Up in Committee on Monday 3/3/14
  2. Minnesota Hunters: Discover the Truth Regarding the Misleading Campaign Designed to Ban Lead Ammunition
  3. CA:AG Attempts to Stop Right to Bear Arms
  4. Connecticut Patriot Group Fights Back Against Confiscation Order: ‘We Are Armed… And Are Familiar With the Finer Points of Marksmanship’
  5. Democrats Remain Hush-Hush About the Dangers of Expanded Background Checks
  6. Our Shredded Constitution, Part I: Free Exercise of Religion
  7. 2013 Minnesota Concealed Carry Permits Nearly Doubled from 2012
  8. Bypassing Congress, DOJ to Announce Expansion to Gun Background Checks
  9. China Knife Attack Shows Gun Control Makes the Vulnerable More Vulverable
  10. Don’t Get Too Comfortable—Nationwide License Plate Tracking Will Be Back


  1. Former central banker: “[Bankers] are making it up as they go along.”
  2. Studying Gold and Silver’s Past Gives Us a Glimpse of Where We’re Heading in the Future
  3. Ukraine Bank Runs Could Soon Be Seen In EU And U.S.
  4. War In Ukraine & A Global Financial System Meltdown
  5. U.S. Senate Democrats do not plan to pass budget this year: Murray
  6. Inflation, consumer debt, bank loans all set to rise – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blogTerm Sheet
  7. War Could Cause Financial Domino, but We Could Have a Domino Without War-Eric Sprott

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Texas Residents Urged to Conserve Electricity in Winter Blast Monday
  2. Five things you should know about iOS security
  3. What Are the Dangers of Using an Untrusted USB Drive?
  4. Fukushima Cover Up: a Play In 2 Acts
  5. The Tech Behind the Protests in Kiev
  6. 5 Misconceptions About This Winter From Hell
  7. Everything You Need to Know About LED Light Bulbs

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest
  2. Prepper Fest Az
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos


  1. FREE Radioactive Hot Particle Testing of Auto and Home Air Filters

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