Prepper News Watch for March 27, 2015



  1. Ebola Is Not Mutating As Fast As Scientists Feared
  2. The first tornado outbreak of 2015 strikes the Midwest
  3. It’s The End Of March And 99.85% Of California Is Abnormally Dry Already
  4. Is Boston Vulnerable to a Major Earthquake?
  5. WNW 183-War in Yemen, Crazy Middle East US Policy, Iran Nuke Deal

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 6 Reasons To Buy A Training Gun
  2. Ammo Prices: 03/20/2015 (Updated: Fixed)
  3. Case Club Five Pistol Case – The Firearm Blog
  4. Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Mule Deer
  5. 15 Primitive Houses You Can Build Yourself
  6. 7 Marine-Tested Survival Tools You Should Own
  7. The Complete Guide to Paracord
  8. Survival in Venezuela: The constant struggle of finding Food
  9. Basic fire escape planning
  10. How to Escape from a Fire
  11. Surviving A House Fire
  12. Could your family escape a house fire in time?
  13. 40 Flicks for Prepper Movie Night
  14. How To Make All-Natural 2-Ingredient Lip Balm
  15. 7 Ways to Keep Livestock Water Tanks from Freezing
  16. Meteorologists: Before Oklahoma Storm, 2015 Tornado Season Uncommonly Quiet
  17. New Report: US Power Grid Attacked Every 4 Days; Nationwide Blackout More Likely Than We Thought
  18. Shooting Tips: 8 Tools to Help Maintain Your AR
  19. ATV Review: 2015 Polaris Sportsman 1000
  20. Shooting School Tips: Better Trigger Control
  21. Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Black-Tail Deer
  22. Battery Storage – The Weak Link in Successful Renewable Energy Integration
  23. Food Storage Life Hacks: Dehydrated Carrots
  24. How Do You Choose Your Batteries? 6 Questions To Ask
  25. How to Survive and Thrive in the City After TEOTWAWKI…

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