Prepper News Watch for March 26, 2013

Prepper News WatchThe banking fiasco in Cyprus is still in the news. The important thing to take away from this is that we’re seeing what may be coming to a bank near you. The entire global banking system, which is directly tied to the global economy, is a house of glass. Once people start throwing rocks, it’s over for everyone. Just keep in mind, all fiat currencies die horrible deaths.

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  1. March Consumer Confidence Plunges As New Home Sales, Richmond Fed Miss | Zero Hedge
  2. Cyprus banks remain closed to prevent run on deposits | World news |
  3. North Korea orders artillery and rockets into ‘combat mode’ | World news |
  4. Retired Army Officer: DHS Must Surrender Their War Weapons to Dept. of Defense | The Gateway Pundit
  5. Jim Carrey Lies: More Demand for Heston’s Movies Than Carrey’s
  6. Don’t Hold Your Breath For A Budget: House, Senate Aren’t Even Trying To Reconcile Bills – Forbes
  7. The Russians Are Outtahere: “The Cypriots Killed Their Country In One Day” | Zero Hedge
  8. BitCoin Mania Accelerates | Zero Hedge
  9. Jim Carrey’s ‘Cold Dead Hand’ Blames Charlton Heston for Country’s Gun Violence
  10. Cyprus banks remain closed to avert run on deposits – Yahoo! News
  11. New-Commission-or-Dead-Fed
  12. Mainstream Media Says Cyprus Salvaged By EU Deal, I Say Cyprus Is Sacrificed By Said Deal – Thrown Into Depression | Zero Hedge

Freedom Issues

  1. NRA-ILA | Second Amendment skirmishes
  2. Mayor Bloomberg on Drones: “Oh it’s Big Brother. Get Used to it” | A Lightning War for Liberty
  3. Outdoor Channel Pulling Out Of Colorado
  4. Blog: Gov. Cuomo’s 7-bullet magazine limit dies an embarrassing death
  5. Oops! New York Gun Law Finger-Pointing Begins – Shotgun News
  6. Gun store rescinds Mark Kelly’s rifle purchase, questions his ‘intent’ | Fox News
  7. Harry Reid Is About to Get a Letter From Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee — and He’s Not Going to Like It: TheBlaze: Harry Reid is about to get a letter from Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz & Mike Lee — and he’s not going to like it jh


  1. Chart of the Week: Global Economic Risk and the Money Printers | Zero Hedge
  2. Visualizing The ‘All-In’ Hope That QE3 Will Save The US Economy | Zero Hedge
  3. Sinclair – Historic Events Are Unfolding Right Now « Jim Sinclair’s Mineset
  4. Unbanking vs. Underbanking: How to Break Up with the Financial System
  5. Say Goodbye to the Purchasing Power of the Dollar
  6. bernanke-says-feds-easy-policy-benefits-world-economy-171652677–business.html
  7. Why the Government Is Desperately Trying to Inflate a New Housing Bubble | Charles Hugh Smith | FINANCIAL SENSE
  8. “All Fiat Currencies Are Being Debased And Devalued And They Are Losing Value Over Time” | Zero Hedge
  9. A Word Out Of Place Sends Europe Tumbling | Zero Hedge
  10. Cyprus bailout prompts muted relief in markets – Yahoo! News
  11. Banks Still Too-Big-To-Fail: Six Things The Fed Must Do
  12. Employment Rate For Disabled Americans At 18 Percent, As Obama Administration Makes Slow Progress

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. The Streetlight of the Future Will Do So Much More Than Light Your Street

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Cool Tools – Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest
  2. odds-n-sods-2551.html
  3. Reloader’s Reaction: What’s the Best Way to Measure Powder? – RifleShooter
  4. Optimal Optics: Comparing Tactical Riflescopes – RifleShooter
  5. Laying Down the Law: STI Lawman Series Review – Handguns
  6. A deposit in a bank is not a riskless form of saving
  7. Maybe The Mayans Were Right Or Was it REM? – Forbes
  8. 10 Things in Your Car You Didn’t Know You Could Fix
  9. Why You Should Have More than One Oil In Your Kitchen (and How to Choose The Best Ones)
  10. ‘Zombieland’ TV series pilot to rise on Amazon Prime
  11. What Causes Flooding | Flood Risk | Flood Maps: Homeland Security: RT @fema: Are you prepared for #floods? Learn your flood risk & protect yourself with a flood insurance policy

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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