Prepper News Watch for March 23, 2015



  1. Sheriff’s Office looking for suspect with burns after copper theft causes power outage west of Port Angeles
  2. NATO Launches “Wide-Scale” War Games Near Russian Border, Creates “Line Of Troops”
  3. New compound destroys chemical weapons faster than ever

Prepping and General Interest

  1. New Orleans Red Beans and Rice
  2. Pre-Threaded Sewing Kits
  3. Tresna JAG9 9mm Carbine
  4. 500,000-Year-Old Tools Show Humans Butchered Elephants
  5. How Worms Can Deliver The Very Best Compost You’ve Used
  6. Survival Gear Review: Camillus S.K. Arctic Knife
  7. 4 Disadvantages of Solar Energy You Need To Consider
  8. Shock and Severe Bleeding First Aid Basics
  9. The Alarming New Report You Should Read If You Live Near A Dam
  10. Sunjack Waterproof LightStick
  11. 6 Survival Items To Hoard When You’re 60
  12. Survival Training for Children
  13. Sick And Lost: 3 Easy-To-Find Wild Medicinal Herbs
  14. Emergency Dentistry and the Adventure Medical Dental Medic Kit
  15. 3 Food Preservation Techniques For Long Term Storage
  16. AWESOME Moldable & Reusable Plastic: You Can Make ANYTHING With This Stuff!
  17. Off-road Motorcycles for when the SHTF
  18. Effective Strategies for Communicating during Disasters
  19. Review: LUCID M7 Red Dot Sight
  20. Guest post: Getting Started in Beekeeping
  21. 5 Tips to Enhance Tomato Health, Growth, and Taste
  22. Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Coast HP5R Rechargeable Flashlight
  23. Scot’s Product Review: Burris Handgun Scope 2x20mm
  24. Leaning Towards Stafford 2.0: The FEMA Disaster Assistance Reform Act of 2015 (H.R. 1471)
  25. The 5 Fastest Ways To Find Water In The Wilderness
  26. The Reliable (And Affordable) New Subcompact Gun You’ll Love
  27. Can Cayenne Pepper Really Stop a Heart Attack?
  28. Food Storage Life Hacks: Freeze-Dried Fruit in Cereal
  29. What You Are Not Told When Buying Your Bug Out Bag
  30. Fabricating A Travois
  31. Mosquito-Repelling Weeds That you can Plant this Spring in your Backyard
  32. This personal flamethrower is somehow legal in 49 states
  33. CrankBox, a Hand-Cranked Charger for Your iPhone or iPad on Indiegogo

Freedom Issues

  1. Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Doctor or Hospital Your Social Security Number – Consumer Reports
  2. M855 Plot Thickens: Congressman Proposes Center-Fire Ammo Ban
  3. Health insurance data breach exposes 11 million people
  4. The NYPD is trying a more precise gunshot detection system


  1. Driving our way into financial poverty with six-year car loans: Once a minority, six-year or longer auto loans now make up one third of all new loans.

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