Prepper News Watch for March 20, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Special Notice

  1. Scientists say destructive solar blasts narrowly missed Earth in 2012

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Daily App: RepeaterBook is a repeater guide for amateur radio enthusiasts | Breaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Weblog
  2. These weapons cutaways are so damn cool
  3. Preserving the Harvest with a Food Dehydrator
  4. Emergency Supply Kit
  5. REVIEW: ArmyTek Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 Flashlight
  6. Almost Everything You Own Will Expire: Know When
  7. Smoke a Can of Tuna with Toilet Paper
  8. From Saw Dust to Stove Fuel
  9. Why We Use Expanding Bullets For Self-Defense Part Ii: The Over-Penetration Factor
  10. First Look: Walther CCP
  11. Recomended Survival Fiction by Wolverine
  12. Get Home Plans: When Disaster Strikes Away from Home
  13. Lifesaving Tips to Prevent a Carjacking and Not Become a Victim
  14. CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk Tomahawk
  15. EMP Effects and Cyber Warfare – Part I
  16. 9 Survival Items That Should Be In Your Safe Right Now | Off The Grid News


  1. Estonia Next? Russia “Signals Concern” For Its Citizens In The Baltic Republic
  2. Biden Tells NATO Allies the US Will Defend Them Against Russia
  3. NATO Secretary General: Putin’s Aggression a ‘Grave’ Threat to Europe’s Security

Freedom Issues

  1. Bloomberg anti-gun group falsely claims victory for Slide Fire’s Chicago billboard ending
  2. Five gun rights cases to watch
  3. Arkansas Has Constitutional Carry Walks in Russleville and Mountain Home
  4. Confiscation: Could It Happen In The United States?
  5. NRA Takes Aim at Obama’s Anti-Gun Surgeon General Nominee Vivek Murthy
  6. USA Today: Gun Rights ‘Absolutists’ Have Hijacked, Ruined Gun Debate
  7. New Jersey: Urgent Action Needed — Stand and Fight!
  8. Gun debate rages on in N.H. House
  9. Michigan to end Ban on Some Rifles and Shotguns
  10. New Executive Order: “Obama Has Just Given Himself the Authority to Seize Your Assets”
  11. NSA Achilles Heel: Water and Power
  12. BUSTED – U.S. Tech Giants Knew of NSA Spying Says Agency’s Senior Lawyer | A Lightning War for Liberty
  13. Florida Senate Committee Restricts ‘Stand Your Ground’
  14. No Way to Hide Your Face from Facebook
  15. Pub Bans Guns, Refers to Those Who Carry as ‘Douchebags’
  16. Idaho County Commissioner: ‘The Second Amendment Trumps the First’
  17. Court Rules in Favor of Kansas, Arizona in Voter I.D. Suit
  18. Bill Allowing Guns in Churches, Use of Silencer During Hunting Passes Georgia Senate
  19. Facing Drought, California Farmers Rally Against Regulations Limiting Water Supplies


  1. Ticking Timebomb: Moscow Moves to Destabilize Eastern Ukraine
  2. The dominoes begin to fall in China
  3. What a surprise– it turns out they lied about the deficit last year
  4. The Federal Reserve Seems Quite Serious About Tapering – So What Comes Next?
  5. “Print Yellen Print” – Meanwhile Russia Warns U.S. Sanctions “Unacceptable”, Threatens “Consequences”
  6. The Chinese Yuan Is Collapsing
  7. Beef Prices Surge Most In A Decade As Food Inflation Soars
  8. The Music Just Ended: “Wealthy” Chinese Are Liquidating Offshore Luxury Homes In Scramble For Cash
  9. North Dakota has 20,000 jobs to fill
  10. Federal Reserve axes another $10bn from economic stimulus programme
  11. Claire McCaskill: ‘$17 Trillion Debt Is Irresponsible’
  12. Study: 38% of Minimum-Wage Employers Will Fire Workers If Minimum Wage Reaches $10.10

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Fake Tor client in App Store said to be laced with adware, spyware | MacNN
  2. EA Patches Flaw, Blocks Apple ID Phishing Scam
  3. How You Leak Your Privacy Every Day (and How to Stop)
  4. This drone can steal what’s on your phone – Mar. 20, 2014
  5. Texas-Based Sally Beauty Supply Hacked, Credit Cards Compromised
  6. Beware of This Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam
  7. Two Factor Auth List
  8. TwoFactorAuth Lists All the Sites with Two-Factor Authentication

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. Prepper Fest
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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