Prepper News Watch for June 22, 2015


Prepping and General Interest:

  1. 12 Signs That The United States And China Are Moving Toward War
  2. Blitzkrieg Components Tritium Chevron Sight
  3. The Importance of Vitamin C in A Survival Situation
  4. Why Store Whole Wheat?
  5. Getting Your Kids Involved By Making It Fun
  6. Survival Gear: Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier
  7. How To Get Chickens To Stop Eating Their Eggs
  8. Just in time shipping and your family’s survival
  9. 10 Useful Items to Survive Catastrophes
  10. Strategically Relocating? Here’s How to Move All That Prepper Stuff
  11. Low Maintenance Vegetables For The Busy (Or Just Lazy) Gardener
  12. Shelter and Fire: First Priority When Surviving in The Wilderness
  13. 9 Ways (Some Illegal) to Catch Fish for Self-Reliance and Survival
  14. Grow Fresh Organic Vegetables at Home, No Garden Needed
  15. 16 Foods That Will Live Longer Than You
  16. A Good Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
  17. Spreadsheet for Stored Food
  18. Cooking Beans and Rice
  19. Fun Fact About Fallout and Nuclear Explosions
  20. 5 Modifications To Make Your AR-15 Obscenely Reliable
  21. Off-Grid ‘Kitchen Cures’ When Antibiotics Won’t Work
  22. How To Build An Off-Grid Home … Debt-Free
  23. Meal Replacement Shakes for Food Storage
  24. When You Don’t Want to Set a Broken Bone (Read: Most of the Time)
  25. Heat-Related Emergencies


  1. “It’s Time To Hold Physical Cash”, Fidelity Manager Warns Ahead Of “Systemic Event”
  2. More and More Warn That a Crash is Coming

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