Prepper News Watch for June 17, 2013

Prepper News Watch

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Resist the Tyranny

  1. The Rebel – Rebel of Oz’s Home for the Global Resistance – Full NSA access built into every Windows OS since 1997


  1. The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea – N.Korea Brings Out Attack Boats
  2. North Korea proposes talks with US to ease tensions
  3. NSA Whistleblower Really a Double Agent?
  4. The Daily Bell – Now Naomi Wolf Has ‘Creeping Doubts’ About Edward Snowden
  5. The Same Girl Is Photographed Crying At The Boston Bombing, The Aurora Massacre, and the Sandy Hook Massacre? | Terrorism
  6. Rick Perry to Meet, Recruit CT and NY Gun Manufacturers to Texas
  7. Could Syria ignite World War 3? That’s the terrifying question as the hatred between two Muslim ideologies sucks in the world’s superpowers | Mail Online

Freedom Issues

  1. Apple responds to PRISM reports, emphasizes user-privacy efforts
  2. The NSA’s Capabilities Are Outstripping Our Culture’s Ability to Use Them Responsibly | Peak Prosperity
  3. Gun Turn In “buy-back” Programs Do Not Work
  4. We’ve Probably Got Enough Government Already And Can Stop Now
  5. California: More Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled to be Heard Next Week and Two Anti-Gun Bills Pass on Party-Line Vote
  6. “You Now Have To Assume Everything Is Beling Collected”
  7. A Free, Quick and Easy Way to Protest Government Spying
  8. Thousands Of Companies Have Been Handing Over Your Personal Data To The NSA
  9. When “Zero-Tolerance” Makes “Zero-Sense”
  10. North Carolina: Take Action to Repeal the Outdated Permit to Purchase a Handgun
  11. Senators Trying To Make 3D Plastic Guns Illegal
  12. New Jersey Mother: ‘I Slept Last Night’ After Guns Returned
  13. Victory for Second Amendment Rights in Nevada
  14. NFL Bans Purses from Stadiums
  15. Lawmakers quietly renew push for gun measures
  16. Nevada: Gov. vetoes bill criminalizing private transfers
  17. Texas Gov. Perry signs ‘Merry Christmas’ bill into law | Fox News


  1. Rotting, Decaying And Bankrupt – If You Want To See The Future Of America Just Look At Detroit
  2. Fed & Other Central Planners To Enact Frightening Solutions
  3. Doctors dump health insurance plans, charge patients less
  4. Insight: Withdrawal syndrome sparks anxiety for Fed
  5. Detroit Goes Under: “There Is No Way Out But Collapse”
  6. The Magic, Fairy Dust Naivete That Is Progressive Economics
  7. Bail-Ins Coming Sooner Than We Expect
  8. Why the Fed Cannot “Exit” Successfully… Without a Market Crash
  9. Currency Positioning and Technical Outlook: Dollar Still Heavy
  10. Financial Chaos, Disappearing Freedom & Hyperinflation
  11. Bernanke And His Game Of Chicken
  12. Bloomberg Government Directs the Private Economy Is There a Name for That
  13. Stocks To Plunge As World Enters Massive Bank Panic
  14. Detroit Tells Creditors They’ll Have to Accept Pennies on the Dollar
  15. The financially forgotten generation: Economically raising the Millennials in a debt strapped financial world. Over half of Millennials have no savings.
  16. Until Mortgage Rates Hit 10.5%, Buying a Home Will Still Be Cheaper Than Renting
  17. Stunning Images From China: Ten Thousand People Waiting In Line To Buy Gold
  18. QE to Infinity (The USD At .7000 USDX) or Infamy for Bernanke
  19. Stocks Are Sliding As The Yen Surges – Business Insider
  20. Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end – Paul B. Farrell – MarketWatch
  21. Can the World Afford Higher Interest Rates?
  22. How Does It End? | Monty Pelerin’s World
  23. Ben Bernanke threatens private equity – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blogTerm Sheet
  24. Stagflation Alert: US Economy Decelerates, Inflation Raises Due To Rise In Gasoline, Electricity, Eggs… And Consumers Are Not Happy!!! | InvestmentWatch
  25. The real reason interest rates are rising – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blogTerm Sheet

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. New SARS-Like Virus: How Big Is The Threat?
  2. NEW: Emergency Health & Safety Tip for June 17, 2013 – Stay Healthy During and After a Wildfire
  3. Letter Re: Rapid Progression of the Geomagnetic North Pole?
  4. AT&T enables emergency government alerts for iPhone 5/4S users
  5. Colorado Black Forest wildfire quickly becomes state’s most destructive
  6. CDC: ‘Nearly 50% of U.S. Adults Will Develop at Least One Mental Illness’ | CNS News

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Eric Sprott: Physical Demand for Gold and Silver is Draining Supplies, New Highs and More
  2. Then And Now: What 100 Years Of Change Looks Like, In One Infographic | Zero Hedge
  3. 4 Reasons To Add A Pellet Air Gun To Your Survival Arsenal |
  4. Letter Re: Sugardyne for Wound Treatment –
  5. Learn A Post-Collapse Trade Before It’s Too Late
  6. On This Day in 1933
  7. David Morgan: gold is not just a commodity. It is money.
  8. Who owns Happy Birthday? Class action lawsuit argues it all of us – Jun. 14, 2013

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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