Prepper News Watch for June 12, 2015



  1. If You Love America, Call Your Congress Member TODAY and Say NO TPP (Vote Is TOMORROW)
  2. WNW 194-Secret Trade Deals, Not Serious About Stopping ISIS, Obama Care and Economy in Trouble

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. 7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September
  2. Bug-Proof Your Home Like A Pro
  4. How To Make Soft Cheese, The Simple Way
  5. Some Good Eggs Supporting Urban Local Food Systems
  6. Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods Review
  7. Are You Prepared Enough?
  8. How the California Drought Has Tightened Up my Prepping
  9. The Evolution of Night Vision Technology
  10. How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment
  11. Shooting Classes: How To Choose It Right
  12. Practical Tips and Advice on Flood Protection & Recovery
  13. Situational Awareness (Like Jason Bourne)
  14. 6 Livestock You Can Raise On Just 1/4 An Acre
  15. HK-USA’s Striker-Fired Pistol Now Made in .40 Caliber


  1. Zimbabwe Demonetizes: Offers US$5 Per 175 Quadrillion Zim Dollars
  2. The Vacant Dead: The 50 US Cities With The Most “Zombie” Foreclosures
  3. Beef Prices Hit Record: Up 30% In Past Two Years
  4. Is college worth the 172 percent price increase over the last 9 years? The cognitive dissonance between rising tuition and falling wages.

Science, Nature and Tech:

  1. 6 Cheap Ways to Ensure Your Cyber Security
  2. SpaceX Plans to Launch Network of Satellites to Provide Off Grid Internet Access

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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