Prepper News Watch for July 3, 2013

Prepper News Watch


  1. Vet’s speach to protect the 2nd amendment – my rights trump your dead children
  2. How You Can Help Prescott Firefighter’s Charities


  1. Obamacare Delayed By One Year: What Does It Mean? 6 Questions And Answers
  2. Military Coup Under Way In Egypt, President Advisor Says, Warns About “Considerable Bloodshed”
  3. ObamaCare Train Wreck Arriving on Schedule
  4. Key Obamacare provision delayed until 2015
  5. White House To Delay Obamacare’s Employer Mandate Until 2015; Far-Reaching Implications For The Private Health Insurance Market
  6. Paid Via Card – Workers Feel Sting Of Fees
  7. Exclusive: Iran importing missile-grade ore from Germany, France
  8. Suez Canal Security On “High Alert” Amid Escalating Tensions
  9. Uh-oh, Obamacare Pushes Back Obamacare Mandate Until 2015

Freedom Issues

  1. Durbin Wants Government To Decide Who Is A Journalist
  2. Despite Vast Personal Wealth, Bloomberg Funds MAIG with Taxpayer Resources
  3. NSA officials ‘not always accurate’ in public statements over surveillance
  4. Gun Rights Supporters Defiant On Steps Of Colorado Capitol
  5. California: Additional Access to Case Mountain Important to Hunters and Target Shooters
  6. Illinois: Quinn expected to use veto powers on concealed carry bill
  7. Virginia: New Gun Laws Take Effect Today
  8. Colorado: New Restrictive Gun Laws Effective Today
  9. Anti-Second Amendment (No More Names)Bus tour Phoenix event 3 July, Tucson 5 July, 2013
  10. IL Governor Quinn Sends Concealed Carry Bill Back to Legislature


  1. Mortgage Apps Plunge At Fastest Rate In Over 3 Years
  2. Private Sector Adds 188K Jobs, More Than Expected; Taper Retantruming
  3. Has the US lost control on debt market growth? Unbridled debt expansion at the nucleus of rising debt inequality in the United States. US total credit market debt now over 3 times larger than annual GDP.
  4. What Happened The Last Time Gold Traded Here?
  5. Inflation’s Shot Across the Bow
  6. Egypt unrest pushes oil prices near $100
  7. Stunning 500 Tons Of Gold Now Being Moved Each Month
  8. Why Those Hoping For More QE Now Are In For a Rough Surprise
  9. Credit Trumps Stocks For 4th Day In A Row
  10. FDIC: Failed Bank List
  11. J.P. Morgan’s Food Stamp Monopoly
  12. Forget Tapering and Exit via Reserve Requirements
  13. Here Comes $4 Gas
  14. Sequester Fail: White House, not Funding, Delaying Food-Safety Rule

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Japan decontamination is a failure – “”No Repeat of Decontamination” « nuclear-news
  2. Lowfat Milk May Not Be As Healthy As We Thought, Says Harvard Expert
  3. NEW: Redesigned MERS Web Site Available Now
  4. Shocking Plane Radiation On Flight From Chile To US
  5. World Has More Shale Oil Reserves than Previously Thought
  6. Record Setting Fish Caught…Might Be As Old As America

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Elzetta ZFL-M60: Full Review
  2. YouTube Gun Review Goes Horribly Wrong
  3. True Defiance: I Challenge You To Survive The Coming Collapse
  4. People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands-Tom Cloud
  5. How to set up Off the Grid or Emergency Battery Banks
  6. Growing Food Hidden in the Forest – Homesteading and Livestock – MOTHER EARTH NEWS
  7. America’s Coming Guerrilla War | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
  8. Kahr is hitting the road
  9. My Life Changer
  10. 10 Ways The Job Search Has Changed – Forbes
  11. Violence as tool for survival
  12. 5 Uncommon Skills That Will Be Useful After the SHTF – Backdoor Survival
  13. Basic bow maintenance
  14. Mechanix outdoor gloves

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None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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