Prepper News Watch for July 2, 2013

Prepper News Watch

Resist the Tyranny

  1. DISCRETION ADVISED: You’re not going to want to see this…


  1. North Korea: US must accept offer of talks ‘unconditionally’
  2. UN Counter-Terrorism Official: Hamas Not a Terrorist Organization
  3. World View: In Stunning Intervention, Egypt’s Army Sides with Protesters Against Morsi
  4. China to join Russia for largest ever joint naval drills with foreign partner
  5. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Spying Out of Control: NSA Bugs EU Offices, Gathers Routine Info On US Citizens; Is NSA Surveillance Legal? Constitutional?
  6. Civil war veterans at Gettysburg anniversary in 1913 – in pictures
  7. Egypt’s Presidency says Morsi has spoken by phone with US President Barack Obama – @Reuters –
  8. Diamondbacks, Mets Honor Firefighters Killed in Yarnell Wildfire
  9. Prescott, AZ Salutes 19 Fallen Firefighters
  10. U.S. Remembers Battle of Gettysburg 150 Years On
  11. EU Furious Over NSA Internet Surveillance of Citizens and Diplomats

Freedom Issues

  1. SD:Teachers Can be Trained, Armed
  2. Gun rights in Chicago at last
  3. 8 Examples of Guns & Government Oppression
  4. Magpul Donates ‘High Capacity’ Mags for Recall of Pro-Gun Control Dems
  5. Wyoming: Bill Repealing State Prohibition of Hunting With Suppressors Takes Effect Today
  6. Major Change Coming To The Security Lines At DIA « CBS Denver
  7. About That Open Carry Law Fiasco In Mississippi
  8. Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk


  1. China No Longer Making Up Numbers, Now Simply Deleting Them
  2. The Market Has Never Been More Reliant On The Fed, Or About That “Catch-22” Taper
  3. Fraud Confirmed: 100-Day Delay To Take Bullion Delivery In London
  4. Bonds & Stocks: Investors Continue To Make The Same Mistakes – StreetTalk Live
  5. Manufacturing Hiring Hits Weakest Levels in Four Years
  6. Stunning Gold & Silver Charts Reveal Shocking Global Situation
  7. The Federal Reserve Is Paying Banks NOT To Lend 1.8 Trillion Dollars To The American People
  8. Can Bernanke Brake Without Derailing? – Frank Shostak – Mises Daily
  9. Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Sign Up For Obamacare – Yahoo! Finance

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. OneNote for iOS gets an overhaul
  2. Most popular Android app caught harvesting users contacts: Facebook
  3. Never Wet
  4. UPDATE: MERS Cases and Deaths – NO NEW CASES TODAY
  5. NEW: Emergency Health & Safety Tip for July 1, 2013 – Do you live in a Wildfire Prone Area?
  6. Why So Many Wildfires? Half The Country Is Turning Into An Intensely Hot, Bone Dry Burn Zone
  7. Opportunity’s Improbable Anniversary – NASA Science

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Semper Fi: Colt M45A1 CQBP Marine Pistol Review
  2. 8 Quality 3-Gun Pistols Under $1,000
  3. G&A Basics: How to Clean an AR-15
  4. They Will Seize Your Food and Resources: “Hoarding of Just About Anything Can Be Banned”
  5. Home Power Systems: Batteries, by L.K.O. –
  6. When seconds count the police are minutes away
  7. Don’t bet your life on averages
  8. Tips on buying used handguns
  9. Why Cities Will Unavoidably Become Lawless Within a Week or Two of a Level 2/3 Event » Code Green Prep
  10. The importance of eye protection | The Bang Switch

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None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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