Prepper News Watch for July 15, 2013

Prepper News Watch

The big news is the “Not Guilty” verdict of the Zimmerman trial. As expected, there were protests in many cities and some of them became violent, though it was contained to limited incidents. There were thousands of people marching in the streets in each location of half a dozen or more cities on Sunday, though it’s doubtful that more than 0.1% of them had any real idea of why or what they were protesting. This ignorance of the facts by the majority of the protesters is most likely what kept the events from becoming full-blown riots – no one wants to get hurt, killed or arrested for something they don’t fully understand or believe in, or when the outcome doesn’t truly affect them personally – and this prevents the violence from spreading. Although, the IQ of a mob lowers proportionately as more people get involved, so it’s common to see violence escalate rapidly.

People are frustrated, confused and irritated in general, starting back in 2008 when many of them suddenly lost their jobs and fell on hard times. Not much has improved since then, and in many ways, things are worse. I would guess for many, this protest was a way to blow off some steam, though it’s doubtful that their need to vent was satiated, as this protest will do little to improve their lives.

As preppers, it’s important to understand these types of events and know that we’re in a period of time where events, like an unfavorable verdict, can spark a massive uprising, which then becomes something else entirely. Even though much of the protest news articles are “old” now, I’m putting them into the Special category for your study.

If you were to suddenly find yourself in one of these protests, you need to get out of the area ASAP, before you’re caught up in a fast-moving crowd or find yourself in the middle of a violent confrontation between protesters and the police. Also, note how these protesters stopped traffic on major thoroughfares. A lesson in knowing why it’s important to take the “back way” out of the city.

Following the Zimmerman/Martin Protests

  1. Trayvon Martin: protesters take to the streets
  2. Zimmerman Case Analysis
  3. The Day After: Widespread Angry Protests, Tactical Alerts, Some Vandalism, No Major Riots
  4. Protesters Break Windows, Tag Police Cars With ‘Kill Pigs’ Over Zimmerman Verdict
  5. LAPD Declares Citywide Tactical Alert Over Zimmerman Protests
  6. Zimmerman Verdict: Tweets from Obama’s Post-Racial America
  7. Los Angeles Anti-Zimmerman Demonstrators Shut Down 10 Freeway
  8. Oakland Anti-Zimmerman Protesters Burn American Flag
  9. Los Angeles Protesters Take On ‘Unjust’ Zimmerman Verdict
  10. …Man Lights Blunt Off Smoldering Flag
  11. New Yorkers Vent Fury over Zimmerman Verdict
  12. Zimmerman Charges, DOJ Action Sparked by New Black Panthers Pressure
  13. Acts of Violence Mar Oakland Zimmerman Protest
  14. Sharpton Calls Zimmerman Decision an ‘Atrocity’
  15. NAACP Demands DOJ Pursue Civil Rights Charges Against Zimmerman
  16. Portland: ‘Every F-ing Cop Is a F-ing Target’
  17. New Black Panther Vows: ‘Black Man Will Exact Justice On Zimmerman’
  18. Facebook Won’t Remove ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Page, Delays in Blocking ‘Riot for Trayvon’ Account
  19. Atlanta Police Departments Prepare For Riots After Zimmerman Verdict « CBS Atlanta
  20. LA Leaders Create “Rumor Control Line” For Zimmerman Verdict | NBC Southern California
  21. EXCLUSIVE: Homeland, DOJ Prepare for Zimmerman Verdict Riots

Prepping and General Interest

  1. NEW: Public Health Matters Blog – Animal Rescue: Caring for Animals During Emergencies
  2. Deer hunters: carry a backpack, and pack a pistol
  3. Sole Adventure | Food for Backpack Hunting – Tips, Ideas, and a Lightweight Menu
  4. The Ultimate Survival Shelter? The Hennessy Hammock (Video)
  5. Survival Is Not Fun, by Wild EMT –
  6. Pressure Cooker: “This Place is On the Edge of Chaos”
  7. Video: Reloading your AR with a wounded arm
  8. Everyone Knows that the Federal Reserve Banks Are PRIVATE … Except the American People
  9. Power Outages Are Bad, Portable Generators Are Worse – Forbes
  10. Status Update: Supply of Guns and Ammo
  11. Shooting a Classic – WWII Era Remington Rand 1911
  12. Video: Fitting, care, and maintenance of your respirator mask
  13. Prepare for the worst
  14. This guy’s bug-out vehicle makes everyone else look unprepared |
  15. Guest Post: 10 Things Baby Boomers Won’t Tell You


  1. FEMA Announces Memorandum of Agreement with the NAACP
  2. Twinkies are back, but most jobs are not
  3. Greenwald: “The US Government Should Be On Its Knees Every Day Praying That Nothing Happens To Snowden” | Zero Hedge
  4. ‘First batch’ Twinkies go on sale at Wal-Mart

Freedom Issues

  1. Honor Martin – Ban Guns!
  2. Missouri: Governor signs NRA gun safety course legislation
  3. Letter Re: The Dark Side of the New Illinois CCW Law
  4. Prism: Everybody Was in on the Act
  5. Tough New Gun Laws Drive Manufacturers to Other States
  6. Reference:Guns and Self-Defense by Gary Kleck, Ph.D.
  7. Almost every gun post on the Internet, in a single list
  8. ATF Gives High, Tight Trim to Criminals
  9. Number of Oklahomans applying for handgun permits skyrockets
  10. Gun Owners Brand American Rifle and Pistol Association a ‘False Flag Operation’
  11. NRA-ILA | So Much for Zero Tolerance
  12. WI:Rare Event Two Men with Carry Permits Engage in Gun Fight


  1. A new Glass-Steagall won’t prevent another crisis
  2. Bernanke Has Created a $4 Trillion a Day Ticking Time Bomb
  3. Why a Recession for the U.S. Economy Within the Next 12 Months Is Inevitable
  4. Game Over – “It’s All A Farce, The Fed & German Gold Is Gone”
  5. Why Tonight’s China GDP Number Is Meaningless: “The Economy Is Already In A Financial Crisis”
  6. A Financial Hurricane & Cracks In The Global Financial System
  7. Surviving a Monetary Collapse |
  8. An Economic Collapse that is Going to be Worse than 1929: Karl Denninger
  9. David Stockman on Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, and The Great Deformation
  10. Underlying Dollar Uptrend Intact, Consolidation Ahead
  11. Bank of England releases app to show off all its gold bling
  12. On the ground in Cyprus: Capital controls still in effect
  13. 10 Reasons Why The Global Economy Is About To Experience Its Own Version Of “Sharknado”
  14. Get Ready For The Next Great Stock Market Exodus
  15. Remember The Debt Ceiling?
  16. Are You Smarter Than A 3rd Grade Economist?
  17. Currency Wars, Gold Peace & Total Collapse

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Your Computer May Already be Hacked — NSA Inside? – Forbes
  2. Femtocell hack reveals mobile phones’ calls, texts and photos – Jul. 15, 2013
  3. World View: WHO Meets to Discuss MERS Virus Pandemic Threat
  4. What Does An Appendectomy Cost?
  5. Andriod App out of 1984

If you have find a news story or prepping-related article, send it in.

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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