Prepper News Watch for July 14, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. The UMOS – Universal Manual Operating System Pump Action AR-15 Kit
  2. How to Build a Vertical Garden from Soda Bottles
  3. Everything You Need to Know About Vegetable Gardening in One Graphic
  4. 10 uses for eggshells | MNN – Mother Nature Network
  5. Preppers: Time to Regroup and Make Sure You Have All the Bases Covered
  6. Portable Soups as Carried by Lewis and Clark and How to Make It.
  7. 11 All-Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Kitchen
  8. How To Clip The Wings of Your Chicken
  9. 27 Survival Uses for Common Mullein Besides Cowboy Toilet Paper
  10. DIY Deodorant
  11. 50 Toxic Plants to Keep Away from Your Livestock
  12. 5 Reasons Why Bugging IN is Smart
  13. How to Make an Aquaponic Pond System
  14. Try it Today! Preparedness Drills to Do with Your Kids
  15. How to Prepare Your Cat for Survival
  16. Bug Out Bag – Water, Food, and More
  17. Home Invasion Defense: How To React To A “Bump In The Night”
  18. Frozen by Fear: It Could Happen To You
  19. If You Don’t Put Together Your 72 Hour Survival Kit Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later!
  20. 5 Important Steps You Should be Implementing in Your Crisis Plan
  21. All Natural 3 Ingredient Insect Repellent That Works!
  22. 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre
  23. New Gun Light
  24. Tips for Increasing Your Herbal Know-How
  25. Bug Out Bags, and Bug Out Bag Content Lists – What You Need to Know Before Bugging Out…
  26. 13 Worst Advice to Follow when Prepping
  27. Crafting: Mending, Knitting & More
  28. Small Batch Fruit Preserving
  29. Building Our Family Ark
  30. Learn to Shoot with Both Eyes Open
  31. 10 Tips for Building a Stockpile on a Budget
  32. Coping With Sleep Deprivation; Confessions of an Insomniac
  33. Lever-action Rifles for Hunting and Survival
  34. Urban Prison Camps: Are Urban Cities Survival Deathtraps
  35. Why Terrorists will Strike US Hospitals
  36. Farson Blade Survival Tool Review
  37. The Handy Dandy Backpacking Checklist for Summer Adventures
  38. Off Grid Living: Propane Gas
  39. Outdoor Cooking Was Essential To Keep the Cottage Cool
  40. Save a Spot in Your Food Storage Shelf! MEGA ONE SHAKE MIX Review and Giveaway
  41. Survival Gear Review: Trucker’s Friend
  42. Survival Tools for AFTER SHTF
  43. The Four Essentials Of Off Grid Solar
  44. Gun Review: DSA SA58 PARA Carbine


  1. M&M’s Pint And Shot Glasses Recalled Because Lead & Cadmium Aren’t Tasty
  2. Worried about a Health Crisis Caused by Immigrant Kids? Mainstream Says You’re “Hysterical” and “Fear-Mongering”
  3. Britain Buys Water Cannons; Fears Civil Unrest From Government Workers
  4. Colorado Man Infected With Deadliest, Rarest Form Of Plague
  5. California State Employers Can No Longer Ask for Criminal History on Job Applications
  6. Foreign Affairs: It’s 10 O’Clock – Do You Know Where Your Bubonic Plague Is?
  7. ISIS Seizes 88 Pounds of Uranium From Mosul University – Report
  8. Hamas Just Attempted To Create A Horrific Nuclear Disaster In The Heart Of Israel
  9. Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.11.14

Freedom Issues

  1. U.S. House Passes Appropriations Bill Containing a Pro-Gun General Provision
  2. Petition to Reform the National Firearms Act
  3. Miami-Dade Residents Told to Buy Firearms, Attack Dog in Light of Police Cuts


  1. The Number Of US Firms Willing To Trade in Chinese Yuan Has Tripled This Year
  2. Fiat Money: ‘A Large-Scale Fraud System’ :: The Mises Economics Blog: The Circle Bastiat
  3. Dollar Going Nowhere Quickly
  4. What is power consumption telling us about the US economy? | LinkedIn
  5. The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming
  6. How the US is creating a low wage workforce: Foreign born workers earn 79.9 percent compared to native born workers.
  7. U.S. Economy-Plunge, Stagnation & Turning Down Anew-John Williams
  8. US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Prepares to Default (in Spanish)
  9. The Real Unemployment Rate Confirms The Government Is Lying
  10. Genius: IMF pronounces Bulgaria’s banks safe just two weeks before bank run
  11. Banker Suicides Return: JPMorgan Executive “Blasts Wife, Kills Self” With Shotgun

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Mesh Networks Keep Residents Connected During Power Outages
  2. FIRST EVER Guided .50 Cal Bullet
  3. California Drought Creates Unprecedented Temporary Legislation, Fines
  4. How To Hide Your House From Google Maps
  5. The Polar Vortex Is Back… In The Middle Of July
  6. Tropical Storm To Slam Fukushima In Hours, Workers Brace For “Overflow”

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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