Prepper News Watch for January 8, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Heads Up: A massive sunspot is producing very large CMEs and flares. Scientists are concerned as the spot moves to aim toward earth. This doesn’t mean that this sunspot is our death knell, but it’s a reminder that there are forces beyond our control that we should be preparing for.

From “Giant sunspot AR1944 is directly facing Earth and crackling with solar flares. Yesterday, Jan. 7th, an X1-class explosion in the sunspot’s magnetic canopy hurled a CME in our direction. Sky watchers shoud be alert for auroras on Jan. 9th when the cloud arrives. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of strong geomagnetic storms”

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Break a Car Window with a Headrest in an Emergency
  2. Index Card Holder for Internet Passwords
  3. Lay-N-Go Traveler Makes Finding Small Items in Your Bag Super Easy
  4. How to React if a Power Line Falls on Your Car
  5. 12 Signs Of Extreme Social Decay In America That Are Almost Too Horrible To Talk About
  6. First Look: Hornady RAPiD Safe
  7. Homemade Compasses are Easy to Make – Preparedness Advice Blog | Preparedness Advice Blog
  8. 10 Household Items That Have First Aid Uses | Ready Nutrition
  9. CRKT T-Hawk Tomahawk
  10. Henry Golden Boy: The Rifle You Know You Want
  11. Gun Sales Surge To Record High In 2013; Expect Ammo To Spike In 2014
  12. Possible Velveeta shortage looms


  1. NY Homeland Security Chief is Safety-Challenged
  2. The FBI Admits Its Primary Focus Is “Not” Law Enforcement
  3. Oil and propane train derails and catches fire in Canada
  4. Revealing the Contents of a 100-year-old Time Capsule

Freedom Issues

  1. Democrats Ask Mike Bloomberg to Back Off Gun Control Push
  2. Kansas Concealed Carry Applications Up Record-Breaking 54 Percent in 2013


  1. Gold and Money Supply Prepare for Messy Divorce
  2. Spain Youth Unemployment Rises To Record 57.7%, Surpasses Greece
  3. Race to Debase – Fiat Currency vs Gold – Fiat Currency vs Silver – 2000 – 2014
  4. A Curious Development in Silver
  5. One In Three Americans Lived In Poverty For At Least Two Months In Recent Years
  6. Gold Will Break Below $960 – It’s in the Script
  7. It’s not (just) about the Gold
  8. Bitcoin’s Prospects for 2014
  9. Six Reasons Why the Government Is Destroying the Dollar

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. FLIR brings infrared imaging hardware to iPhone 5 and 5s | Electronista
  2. Cover Up: “The Levels of Radiation In the Place Are Through the F*cking Roof”
  3. Sun Goes Wild: NOAA Issues Alert: Earth Directed X-Class Flare Is On Its Way; Chance Of More
  4. Natural gas prices surge on cold snap
  5. Polar vortex: temperatures drop below freezing in all 50 US states
  6. Rare Polar Vortex Responsible for Frigid Weather in Much of US

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

If you have find a news story or prepping-related article, send it in.

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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