Prepper News Watch for January 4, 2013

Prepper News WatchBelow you will find a collection of stories and news articles that may be of particular interest to the prepper. Some, are just interesting.


  1. 65 Percent Of Americans Believe That 2013 Will Be A Year Of Economic Difficulty
  2. Muncie mom stops burglar with BB gun | Fox 59 News –
  3. Concord, Massachusetts bans sale of small water bottles

Freedom Issues

  1. Ga: Sheriff Won’t buy from Store that Won’t Sell Rifles to Citizens
  2. Who’s Buying All Those Guns?
  3. Gun and Magazine Ban Planned for Illinois
  4. U.S. Marine’s Scathing Response to Sen. Feinstein’s Gun Control Proposal: ‘I Am Not Your Subject. I Am the Man Who Keeps You Free’ |
  5. The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy
  6. N.Y. County Reverses Course — Vows Not to Give Gun Owners’ Names & Addresses to Newspaper


  1. Gold Analysis 2013 « Jim Sinclair’s Mineset
  2. The Federal Reserve Has No Practical Option To End QE
  3. Visualizing The American Taxpayer Relief Act
  4. Yamada – Incredibly Important Chart & Commentary On Gold
  5. US Dollar Driven Higher
  6. 155,000 Jobs Added in December, Unemployment Rate 7.8%

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Record Temperature Set: Colder than Absolute Zero

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 2-Gauge Jumper Cables
  2. How To Make Your Own Grow Lights
  3. A Map Of Every Person In The U.S. And Canada
  4. DiResta: Tool Bag
  5. How to Fight Rust (and Win!)
  6. Thriving on Ice: My Austrian Crash Course in Winter Ice Driving
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