Prepper News Watch for January 27, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Build a Secret, Magnetic Safe Inside of an IKEA Floating Shelf
  2. Reuse Old Baking Sheets for Perfect Roasted Veggies
  3. Flatten Ground Beef in Plastic Bags for Faster Freezing and Thawing
  4. Quick-Soak Dried Beans in One Hour with a Short Boil
  5. Defending Your Neighborhood, By M.M.C. and D.K.
  6. Event Phases : Understanding The Progression to Collapse
  7. This Video Shows Consumers What A Real Leading Cooler Looks Like
  8. Celente – The Entire World Is Now Unraveling Before Our Eyes


  1. Russian teen charged with possessing weapon of mass destruction, Pennsylvania authorities say
  2. Movement is Life-Catherine Austin Fitts
  3. Ukraine Protests Spread to Other Major Cities
  4. Obama’s Appeasement of Iran Could Start a Nuclear War in the Middle East
  5. US Ambassador in Iraq: 2,000 Hardcore Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Growing, Capable of Serious Assaults
  6. Report: Russia Warns U.S. Not to Interfere in Ukraine
  7. UK Independence Party Leader Calls Handgun Ban ‘Ludicrous’

Freedom Issues

  1. Ruger CEO: CA Microstamping Law Being Used to Deny 2nd Amendment Rights
  2. New Mexico: Gun laws up for debate in Legislature
  3. Idaho: Washington Recognizes Reciprocity with Idaho’s Enhanced Concealed Carry License
  4. Mississippi: Local Elected Officials Trying to Torpedo Pro-Gun Legislation, HB 314
  5. California’s Most Ambitious Handgun Ban Now Underway
  6. SC:Restaurant Carry (with permit) Coming to South Carolina
  7. SC:’Constitutional carry’ being considered in South Carolina
  8. OH:Protections for Armed School Employees Move Ahead
  9. Don’t Miss This Interview: “I Don’t Like Repeat Offenders… I Like Dead Offenders”
  10. German TV: Edward Snowden says NSA is involved in industrial sabotage
  11. Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Assault Rifle Amnesty
  12. Ruger Firearms Being ‘Forced’ Out of California Due to Microstamping
  13. Supreme Court to Decide if Law-Abiding Citizens May Buy Guns for Others
  14. After the Fact: Civitas Media Denies Plan to Create Database of Concealed Carry Permit Holders
  15. Gun Purchase Under Scrutiny at Supreme Court


  1. Argentine Prices Soar Following Peso Devaluation Which Only Benefits 20% Of Population
  2. Bundesbank’s Stunner To Broke Eurozone Nations: First “Bail In” Your Rich Citizens
  3. Are We On The Verge Of A Massive Emerging Markets Currency Collapse?
  4. Bank Run Fears: Customers Being Forced to Provide Evidence For Why They Need Cash
  5. Guest Post: How the Paper Money Experiment Will End
  6. First HSBC Halts Large Withdrawals, Now Lloyds ATMs Stop Working
  7. Burgernomics: Which country has the cheapest Big Mac? – Jan. 24, 2014
  8. Peso collapse raises fears Argentina lurching towards decennial crisis
  9. World View: That ‘1929 Feeling’ May Be Back on Wall Street
  10. World View: HSBC Cash Withdrawal Restrictions Raise Fears of Bank Runs
  11. Walmart to Lay Off 2,300 Sam’s Club Employees

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Ulmon Offline Mobile Maps
  2. NEW: Emergency Health and Safety Tip for January 27, 2014 – Avoid Frostbite
  3. NEW: Public Health Matters Blog – Coming (Back) to America? What 2013 Can Teach Us About Dengue in the United States
  4. University of Alaska Scientists: Fukushima Radiation May Be Making Alaska Seals Sick
  5. South Korea expands poultry cull on bird flu fears
  6. Michaels stores: Possible data ‘attack’
  7. NYC: Worst Rat Infestation in the World
  8. Cook: NSA ‘would have to cart us out in a box’ to get server access | Electronista

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. Prepper Fest
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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