Prepper News Watch for January 23, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. SHOT Show 2014 Coverage
  2. Recover Control of Your Car During Different Types of Skids
  3. Introducing the Kel-Tec RDB Bullpup Rifle
  4. First Look: CZ P09 FDE
  5. New for 2014: EOTech Laser Battery Cap for 512-552 Sights
  6. New Products from Brownells for 2014
  7. First Look: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro
  8. The West Virginia water crisis and how one family coped
  9. U.S. Cattle Herd Is At A 61 Year Low And Organic Food Shortages Are Being Reported All Over America
  10. Helle Applies Elements of Scandinavia to Their Knives


  1. NSA’s mass phone data collection is illegal, says government privacy board
  2. Ukraine protesters declare eight-hour truce as talks with government continue
  3. World View: Iran Says It’s Not Dismantling Any Nuclear Components
  4. Homeland Security: Naturalized Citizen Caught Sending Iran Secret Jet Fighter Specs
  5. Mexican Citizens Topple Cartels And Are Rewarded With Government Retaliation
  6. Kiev becomes a battle zone as Ukraine protests turn fatal
  7. Video: Violence Flares in Kiev
  8. U.S. Acknowledges Al Qaeda Plot Against American Embassy in Tel Aviv

Freedom Issues

  1. Smith & Wesson to End Most CA Sales Due to Microstamping Regulation
  2. Bong or Bang: Illinoisans Must Choose
  3. Indiana legislature bill would allow guns in parked vehicles at schools
  4. Chicago may look to California for strict rules on gun sales
  5. California: Consideration of Anti-Gun Legislation Scheduled for Tomorrow
  6. New Mexico: 2014 Legislative Session Convenes, Gun Control Measure Pre-Filed and Awaiting Possible Action
  7. Indiana: Pro-Gun Legislation Passed in Committee, Goes to Senate Floor
  8. Arizona: Concealed Carry Expansion for Military Personnel to be Heard in Committee
  9. Gawker Got Literally Everything Wrong About Florida’s New Warning Shots Bill


  1. 1.4 Million Jobless Officially Get The Emergency Claims Axe
  2. Chinese Yuan will compete with US Dollar soon – Peter Spina Interview
  3. A Trend to Note Over One-Third of Adults Unemployed
  4. Peter Schiff Destroys The “Deflation Is An Ogre” Myth
  5. Baby Boomers Reluctant to Retire; What About the Fed’s Retirement Thesis?
  6. Sears Chicago flagship to close
  7. Target cuts 475 jobs
  8. Lew: US Will Hit Debt Ceiling Late February

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Five Steps to Take Immediately If You’re the Victim of Identity Theft
  2. Why Whole Milk Isn’t As Bad As You Were Told as a Kid
  3. Researcher: site still flawed, leaks personal data
  4. Cisco study: 99 percent of mobile malware aimed at Android
  5. Using your own iPhone at work? Watch that it doesn’t get wiped when you leave …
  6. Chrome exploit can secretly listen to oblivious users
  7. Three digital privacy solutions you should know about
  8. Verizon Details How It Spied On Its Customers In 2013
  9. Water Detected on Dwarf Planet Ceres – NASA Science

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. Prepper Fest
  3. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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