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Prepper News Watch for January 16, 2015 — 2 Comments

  1. So let’s face it, we’re in for, or in, WW3. What exactly do we do for that? Let’s forget about universal prepping for the “anything can happen” event, the black swan scenario, I want to specifically know what we should be doing now to prepare for an all out world-wide shooting war. Will we have WW2 type rationing? Auto production shutdown? Forced metal recycling? More concerning to me than anything is how perilous are we now with an administration that is for the most part living in an ideological bubble? What does an American citizen do when the government has deserted our traditional and faithful allies in the time of global crises and has favored our enemies? Will they turn in advocates of our Constitution to Islamic warriors in the name of national security? Not a thing that I have stated so far here is beyond believable. Consider history.

    • We’ve been in a state of war for, at least, a couple of decades now. Unless the war comes to your neighborhood, I wouldn’t waste too much energy worrying about it. Ok, sure, we could see us going back to the WWII type of rationing, but I think we fight different wars now. Who knows. I’m not going to worry about that low-potential scenario, as there are other events far more likely to occur (starting with those common natural disasters in your area).

      Politics and preparedness are tangentially related, but don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If you’re concerned about the current administration or politics in general, then get involved and do what you can to change it. But it shouldn’t interfere or sway your preparedness efforts, as you should be preparing for a wide assortment of emergency scenarios.

      Whether or not we end up in WWIII on our doorstep, face a tyrannical government, or must deal with the aftermath of a super volcano, the important aspect of being prepared is your ability to adapt, overcome and survive.

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