Prepper News Watch for January 11, 2013

Prepper News WatchBelow you will find a collection of stories and news articles that may be of particular interest to the prepper. Some, are just interesting.


  1. The World In 2030
  2. Food prices: Drought causes feed shortage, beef costs rise in Arizona
  3. Tax Code Hits Nearly 4 Million Words, Taxpayer Advocate Calls It Too Complicated
  4. Rob Kall: “Too Big” Is Hollowing the Middle Class, Killing the American Dream

Freedom Issues

  1. On Economic Freedom, Mauritius More Free Than U.S.
  2. Why This is Serious
  3. What Words and Phrases in Your Emails Might the FBI’s New Software Be Searching For?
  4. Here’s How Wyoming Lawmakers Are Trying to Beat Obama Admin. to the Punch on Possible Gun Ban
  5. Meeting Between NRA and Joe Biden-Led Task Force Didn’t Go Well


  1. American Express Axes 5,400 Jobs To Adapt To The ‘Digital Revolution’
  2. USA 10th For Global Economic Freedom In 2013
  3. The Federal Government Hands Out Money To 128 Million Americans Every Month

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Japan’s 2011 Earthquake Happened In An Area Considered Low-Risk. Where’s Next?
  2. Where Will The Next Pandemic Come From? And How Can We Stop It?
  3. We Probably Wouldn’t Even See A Doomsday Asteroid Until It Was Too Late

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Ammo 101
  2. Homemade Stocks Are the Key to Serious Depth of Flavor: BA Daily
  3. Why the Flu Is So Dangerous This Year, and Why It Could Get Worse
  4. Do lip balm products dry out your lips? –
  5. The 7 Most Sought After Good Habits (and How to Achieve Them)
  6. Chewing The Fat – Survival Life

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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