Prepper News Watch for January 1, 2013

Prepper News WatchBelow you will find a collection of stories and news articles that may be of particular interest to the prepper. Some, are just interesting.


  1. The Complete Stupidity Of The Looming Dairy Cliff: Milk To $7 A Gallon
  2. Is Occupy Dead
  3. How The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Made Kids Fat
  4. 27% Pay Cut Or Not, More Docs To Leave Medicare In 2013

Freedom Issues

  1. URGENT: Illinois Legislature to Attempt Passage of Gun Ban THIS WEEK
  2. If You Work In California Or Illinois, Your Boss Can’t Ask You For Your Facebook Password Anymore
  3. New Michigan law protects social network accounts from nosy employers
  4. President Obama Quietly Renews Warrantless Wiretap Law for 5 Years
  5. Russian News Outlet Pravda Prints Surprising Opinion Column Warning USA: ‘Never Give Up Your Guns’


  1. Will Gold Make It 9 Out Of 9?
  2. Guest Post: When Priced In Gold, The US Economy Is At Depression-Era Levels
  3. Putting America’s Tax Hike In Perspective
  4. Merkel warns Germans of tough economic times ahead
  5. It’s Official: U.S. Hits $16.4T Debt Limit
  6. Here’s The Deal On The Fiscal Cliff Deal

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. Q+A: Cody Wilson Of The Wiki Weapon Project On The 3-D Printed Future of Firearms
  2. After Years Of Research, Philips Unveils A Desktop OLED Lamp

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Mom gives son iPhone with 18-point contract
  2. A Massive Electromagnetic Pulse Could Collapse The Economy In A Single Moment
  3. 10 Rules for Trading in Long Term Survival Scenarios | SHTF School
  4. Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers
  5. Refill Your Travel Toothpaste Bottles with a DIY Adapter
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