Prepper News Watch for December 8, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 8 tips for safe holiday shopping from Peoria Police Department
  2. Stop Thinking to Shoot Faster
  3. Guide to Air Travel With a Firearm
  4. Ammo Prices: 12/05/2014
  5. The Importance Of Training (This Is NOT It)
  6. Tromix Siamese M16 Twin Mag Dump
  7. Guest Article: Six Common Misconceptions About EMP, by G.B., PhD
  8. Emergency Heat When The Power Grid’s Down
  9. The 3 Absolute Most Critical Firearms For Survival
  10. 6 Winter Tricks That Keep Livestock Water From Freezing
  11. The All-Natural (And Proven) Way To Chase Away Colds And Flu
  12. When Low Blood Pressure, Low Temperature, or Abnormal Lab May be Good
  13. Kidney Stones
  14. Off-grid Project: Easy DIY Fire Starters
  15. World War C – The Cyber War That Cripples America
  16. This Handy Map Shows How Prepared Your State Really Is
  17. How-To Defend Your Retreat Location
  18. Fresnel Lens Fire-starter For Your Wallet
  19. The Best (And Most Secure) Off-Grid Location When Society Ends
  20. Survival Kit Requirements Are Different For Everyone
  21. Preppers: Some Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Generator
  22. Pocket Dump
  23. How To Build A Simple “4 Block” Rocket Stove For Only $5.16
  24. It is Never Too Late to Embrace Personal Austerity
  25. Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag
  26. Emergency Contact Card For Your Wallet
  27. Studio Carry
  28. Hybrid Solar Headlamp, a Review
  29. Personal Hygiene First Aid
  30. Top 50 Things To Disappear
  31. Water Storage for Preppers
  32. 10 Winter Wild Edibles
  33. Predator Blowgun Review
  34. The Survival Buzz #146
  35. Top 31 Uses for “Killer” Cotton in Core Temperature Control
  36. The Organic Canner: A Guide to Preserving Real Food
  37. 15 Over the Counter Medications Preppers need to Stock
  38. Exercise and Nature For Physical Fitness and Stress Management
  39. Survival Medicine Hour: Animal Die-Offs, Kidney Stones, Pregnancy
  40. Native American Remedies We Can Benefit From
  41. Food Storage Space For Your Long Term Supply


  1. Flu Shots May Not Work Well This Year

Freedom Issues

  1. NY:How New York Confiscates Guns
  2. Sandy Hook Educators Promote Gun Control Laws that Wouldn’t Have Prevented Attack


  1. It’s Official (Finally): The US Is No Longer The World’s #1 Economy

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. How To Download Wikipedia For Offline Use

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