Prepper News Watch for December 28, 2015



  1. Alabama Gov. Bentley Declares State of Emergency Amid Flooding
  2. Texas Tornado’s Winds Topped 200 mph; 11 Dead in Storms
  3. Severe Weather Batters Americas
  4. US Stupid Enough to Cause Nuclear War-Paul Craig Roberts
  5. Wildfires And Tornadoes In December? Two More Major Disasters Hit America
  6. TSA Updates Screening Procedure, Will Mandate Some Passengers Use Full-Body Scanners
  7. Ukraine’s Looming “19 Fukushimas” Scenario
  8. Holiday Sales Are Up – UPS Delivers 36 Million Packages

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. 5 Everyday Items Your Great-Grandparents Repurposed (That You Should, Too)
  2. The Easiest, Cheapest (And Tastiest) Animal You Can Raise For Food Is …
  3. How To Heat Water Off-Grid Without Electricity
  4. The Dirt-Cheap Survival Ammo You’ll Want In A Crisis
  5. Lights Out by Ted Koppel – Review and Giveaway
  6. Tactical Tips : Clearing Your Home
  7. Forming Your Community with Can-Do Prepping
  8. Car Crash: 30 Ways Not To Make It Happen
  9. 5 Bad-ass Perimeter Defense Lessons From A Vietnam Vet
  10. Stocking up on Food for the New Year
  11. 13 Food Storage New Year’s Resolutions
  12. Laplander folding saw
  13. 6 Emergency Fund Myths You Should Stop Believing
  14. 4 Off-Grid Ways To Distribute Stove Heat To Your Entire Home
  15. Dutch Oven Fish Fry (Video & Transcript)
  16. This Is How To Protect Your Firewood During Winter
  17. The Active Shooter: Staying Alive
  18. What You Can Do to Prepare in this Slow Economy – Apartment PrepperApartment Prepper
  19. The Simple Homestead Guide To Making A Down Comforter
  20. Survival Training: Pride Can Be a Killer
  21. Seed Selection for the Veggie Garden
  22. Letter: Good Samaritan Bag
  23. How To Improvise A Fishing Rod
  24. Survival Projects: DIY Small Cabin
  25. Hambone Soup and 13 Other Hambone Recipes
  26. Would The Internet Keep Going After The World Ends?
  27. You Can Learn a Lot from a Dummy (Load)
  28. 8 Fool-Proof Ways To Cook When The Power Is Out
  29. 10 Survival and Emergency Uses for Glass Canning Jars
  30. Iran Is Hacking the Power Grid: The Ultimate Terrorist Attack
  31. Safes, The Wrong ones are Worse than Useless
  32. Cooking with Crow Meat: A Recipe for “Blackbird” Pie
  33. What Fresh Horror Awaits The Economy After Fed Rate Hike?
  34. “Doomsday EMP Weapon” Could Kill 90% of U.S. Population… And Government Won’t Save You
  35. Fig Trees: The Easy Indoor Plant That Fruits Fast
  36. Scrambling to Survive in a Collapsing Economy
  37. Here’s How To Make Lard, The Easy Way
  38. 9 Ways To Reduce Food Waste This Christmas
  39. On This Dirt I Will Build My Garden
  40. Lock Picking as a Survival Skill

Freedom Issues:

  1. New Gun Control Bill Hits Congress: “To Ensure That The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Is NOT Unlimited”
  2. 2015 Guns by the Numbers


  1. Half a Million in US Homeless, Despite Economic Growth
  2. Obamacare Is Sucking Up To 10% Of Americans’ Incomes
  3. The Cashless Society Cometh: European Nations Such As Sweden And Denmark Are ‘Eradicating Cash’
  4. This Is What Gold Does In A Currency Crisis, Canadian Edition
  5. Oil Is Now Cheaper Than Coffee, Milk, & Water
  6. The Number Of Young Adults Living With Their Parents Has Never Been Higher (But It Could Be Worse)
  7. 90% Of Americans Said 2015 Was Not Better Than 2014
  8. The Credit Crunch Is Back: Banks Scramble To Collateralize Loans To Record Levels
  9. 58 Facts About The U.S. Economy From 2015 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
  10. The death of the American pension: Shifting the retirement burden from employers to workers has created an enormous financial crisis.
  11. The End Is Near, Part 7: Governments Become (Really Bad) Money Managers, Screw Up Markets

Science, Nature and Tech:

  1. Botched database leaks records for 191 million voters
  2. 5 Dangers to Consider When Pointing Your Home Security Cameras

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source, many included are provided as ‘food for thought’ material.

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