Prepper News Watch for December 23, 2015


This will be the last PNW for this week. Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Iran Hacks Into U.S. Power Grid (And What They Stole Should Frighten You)
  2. Survey: Arabs Overwhelming Oppose Islamic State
  3. Earth-Smashing Space Rocks Undercounted : Discovery News
  4. Ford Recalls 313K Sedans Because Lights Are Necessary While Driving In The Dark
  5. NYC Has Received A “Credible Threat” Days Ahead Of Christmas, PIX11 Reports

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. Guns & How to Choose the Right Gun For YOU!
  2. How To Stop Excessive Bleeding In A Survival Situation
  3. Cold-Hardy Chicken Breeds You Need For (Lots Of) Winter Eggs
  4. Bug Out Fire Starters (Video & Transcript)
  5. $300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Food Year Round; An Extraordinary Walipini
  6. Hypothermia and What you Need to Know to Stay Alive
  7. 5 Pieces of Cheap Yet Effective Survival Gear (That Also Make Great Stocking Stuffers) | Outdoor Life
  8. 3-Gun Competition: Master the Load 12 Drill
  9. 8 Easy Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Guard Your House
  10. Survival Navigation Using Only The Sun, Moon And Stars
  11. Situational Awareness: It Could Save Your Life
  12. Never Waste Tough Legs and Wings Again with This Confit Technique
  13. Stretching Your Resources in Uncertain Times
  14. 7 Tips On Getting Your Honeybees Ready For Winter
  15. Travel Items That Will Help When SHTF
  16. How to Make Quick Homemade Pickles
  17. Tales of an Adventurer: Using Firearms In EXTREME Cold
  18. BREAKING: Stag Arms’ Federal Firearms License Revoked!
  19. Police Whisper Into Protesters’ Ear: “Keep On Protesting”
  20. There Sure Is A Lot Of Buzz About A Potential Terror Attack On Christmas Day Or New Year’s Eve
  21. US Budget Deal a Boon for Solar and Wind

Freedom Issues:

  1. Gun Stories of the Week: Obama to Expand Background Checks, Close ‘Gun Show Loophole’
  2. Virginia to end concealed carry reciprocity with other states
  3. Guns topping Christmas lists thanks to terrorism concerns, fear over restrictions
  4. Officers Killed with own Gun vs Officers Feloniously Killed 1980 – 2014


  1. Next Financial Meltdown Blamed on War-Gregory Mannarino
  2. Debt Collectors Can Sue You, But Court Might Not Let You Sue Debt Collector Back
  3. What Fresh Horror Awaits The Economy After Fed Rate Hike?
  4. Do We Need The Fed? (Spoiler Alert: No!)
  5. 9 Of The Top 10 U.S. Occupations Pay Miserly Wages
  6. Six Signs That 2016 Will Be Much Worse Than 2015

Science, Nature and Tech:

  1. US Plan Takes Aim at Deadly Strain of Tuberculosis
  2. Signs of the ‘Antibiotic Apocalypse’ in the UK?
  3. What Happened to the Polar Vortex? : Discovery News
  4. Pointers: backing up your data for preservation, transfer, and safety
  5. General Atomics Plans 150kW Laser Tests; C-130 As Possible Platform
  6. How seismographs can track battlefield bombings

If you have find a news story or prepping-related article, send it in.

This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source, many included are provided as ‘food for thought’ material.

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