Prepper News Watch for December 2, 2013

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Newsstand Shotgun Hack Poised to Further Ruin Air Travel
  2. Sweets and treats in a survival situation
  3. Ammo Price Surge Expected as EPA Regulations Close Lead Smelter
  4. Winter-Proof Your Chapped Cheeks With DIY, Natural Chapsticks
  5. Ruger No. 1 Variants: What Caliber Would You Choose?
  6. Hide in Plain Sight By Instituting a Blackout – Prepared For That
  7. Sources Of Light That Don’t Need Electricity | The Weekend Prepper
  8. The 4 Standards of SmartPrepper’s Nutrition Plan | Survival Sherpa
  9. 50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency – Survival Mom
  10. Rules to Live By When Bartering In a SHTF Situation | SurvivoPedia
  11. Why Bugging Out May Get You Killed
  12. Survival First-Aid: Treating Starvation – Prepared For That
  13. How to weatherproof your firearms
  14. 6 Crucial Questions for Effective Preparedness Planning | LEARN TO PREPARE – Celebrate Peace of Mind
  15. What Will the Coming Civil Unrest Look Like?
  16. Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle
  17. How to Evaluate Blade Shapes
  18. Spock’s Wisest Words
  19. Buying Guns on Black Friday Becomes Tradition Under Obama


  1. Bangkok protesters met with tear gas in fresh clashes dividing Thailand | World news |
  2. The Reason Police Brutality Is Rising
  3. US Sides with Japan in Territorial Dispute with China
  4. This Iran Deal’s Getting Worse All the Time
  5. California Sheriff Denied Gun Purchase over Background Check

Freedom Issues

  1. MO:Legislators Aim for Gun Bill to Check Federal Power
  2. ATF Releases U.S. Firearms Trace Data for 2012
  3. Allen West: EPA Engaging in Backdoor Gun Control
  4. NFL Bans Super Bowl Gun Commercial
  5. Combating the "No one Wants to Ban Guns Lie"
  6. LA:Right to Arms Amendment Working
  7. On Undetectable Firearms Act Renewal
  8. The NSA Is Tracking Your Porn Browsing
  9. NFL Rejects Super Bowl Commercial from Gun Company
  10. IRS Targeting Of ObamaCare Critics Should Be A Bigger Story
  11. FBI Touts Success of Current Background Check System


  1. The Daily Bell – Jim Rogers … Sign of the Times?
  2. 15 Signs That We Are Near The Peak Of An Absolutely Massive Stock Market Bubble
  3. Preparing For The Real Black Friday and What to Expect
  4. ObamaScare: Our Entire Economy is About to Get Hit With a Sledgehammer *Micro Documentary*
  5. It Will Implode: “We Will See The Demise of the Dollar”
  6. The most rapidly depreciating currency in the world
  7. "We Are Playing Economic Russian Roulette"
  8. The Fed Must Inflate – Chris Martenson – Mises Daily
  9. The Other America: "Taxpayers Are The Fools… Working Is Stupid"
  10. When They Say The Global Economy Is Growing They Really Mean This…
  11. Why It’s Going To Be A Whole Lot Worse Than In The 1930s
  12. The average American is broke and buying things they cannot afford with debt again. Debt based consumer financing again filling the gap of a shrinking middle class.
  13. Hyperinflation of The Reserve Currency

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. GMO Food Laced with Weed Killer and Bail-ins-Ellen Brown
  2. How to Keep Your Digital Memories Safe
  3. NEW: Health Alert Network (HAN) No. 357
  4. Exclusive Interview: How the FBI Protects America’s Food Supply from Terror Threats

Prepper Expos

  1. Prepper Fest Az
  2. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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