Prepper News Watch for December 19, 2012

Below is a collection of news articles that may be of particluar interest to the prepper.


  1. Obama Taps Biden for Post-Newtown Action Plan
  2. Big Brother Spying Didn’t Stop Connecticut School Shooter … Or 9/11
  3. Coast Guard Polices Traffic as Mississippi River Falls, Shipping Crisis
  4. NRA Breaks Silence on Sandy Hook Shooting: ‘We Were Shocked, Saddened and Heartbroken’
  5. Gun-Carrying Arizona Man Helps Nab Bank Robber — And All He Had to Do Was Show the Suspect He Was Armed


  1. ‘An Economic Time Bomb’: The World’s Unemployed Youth
  2. Six Month + Delinquent Mortgages Amount To More Than Half Of Bank of America’s Market Cap
  3. QE4 Ever: Emerging Signs of A New Global Crisis
  4. Chart Of The Day: The Death Of America’s Middle Class
  5. What In The World Are Barack Obama And John Boehner Thinking?
  6. QE Doesn’t Create Jobs… So Why Is the Fed Targeting Employment With It?
  7. We’re Going to be in a New Recession-John Williams
  8. US Cities Brace for Fiscal Cliff

Nature and Tech

  1. National Weather Service alerts arriving on iPhone 5
  2. 15 Signs That The Ring Of Fire Is Waking Up As We Head Into 2013
  3. How spyware on rental PCs captured users’ most intimate moments

General Interest

  1. How to Protect Your Food Supply During Power Disruptions
  2. Is Restaurant Silverware Making You Sick?
  3. Antibiotics ‘ineffective for coughs’
  4. No, The Mayans Did Not Predict The End Of The World In 2012
  5. NASA – Beyond 2012: Why the World Won’t End
  6. What to Do Before Bed and After Waking Up for More Daily Energy
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