Prepper News Watch for December 17, 2015



  1. FBI: California Shooters Were Intent on Jihad Before They Met
  2. Putin Wants Better Relations With Next US President
  3. US Reports: Friend of California Shooter to Be Charged
  4. Jihadists could sneak into US amid refugees, DHS boss acknowledges
  5. 10+ Things Consumers Should Know About The New Federal Spending Bill
  6. State Of Emergency Declared In Michigan City After Lead Found In Children’s Blood

Prepping and General Interest:

  1. 14 Rules for Maintaining Operational Secrecy.
  2. 4 High-Calorie Survival Foods You’ll Want in an Emergency
  3. Is There Such a Thing as Overreacting To a Threat or Perceived Threat?
  4. Is Post-Disaster Bartering a Possibility?
  5. Insurers ‘Encouraged’ by Talks on Flood Insurance to Set Better Rates
  6. The Pitfalls Of A Newbie Prepper
  7. Urban Survival: There Are New Dangers In Town
  8. Pet Preparedness in a Disaster
  9. Introducing Firearms News
  10. Review: Glock 40 Gen4 – A 10mm Long-Slide Red-Dot Big-Bore Hand-Cannon

Freedom Issues:

  1. How The Feds Are Using A 1789 Law To Unlock Your Smartphone
  2. Most Now Oppose an “Assault” Weapons Ban; Doubts About Stopping a Lone Wolf Run High (POLL)
  3. L.A. County considers requiring gun owners to buy insurance
  4. Senator Kihuen Wants the Nevada Legislature to Use a Secret Government List to Strip Your Second Amendment Rights!
  5. Illinois: New Legislation Seeks to Use a Secret Government List to Strip Your Second Amendment Rights Without Due Process!


  1. Baltic Dry Crashes To New Record Low As China “Demand Is Collapsing”
  2. Sticker Shock: Fed to Hike Rates First Time in NINE Years!
  3. What Benefits To Savers? Banks Rush To Hike Prime Rate To 3.50%, Forget To Increase Deposit Rate
  4. The Fed Hikes Rates – What Next?

Science, Nature and Tech:

  1. 3 Password Security Myths That Too Many of Us Believe

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This is a curated list of news stories and articles having interested to the preparedness community. None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source, many included are provided as ‘food for thought’ material.

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