Prepper News Watch for December 13, 2012

Below is a collection of news articles that may be of particluar interest to the prepper.


  1. Federal Reserve ups its money printing for 2013, good for oil, gold and silver prices
  2. Can Gold Make Sense If the Dollar Does Not Collapse?
  3. Gold and Real Estate Are My Hedges for the Fiscal Cliff
  4. What Did You Expect From The Fed?
  5. Gold – It’s Time
  6. Buy Gold – Fed To Print Over $1,000,000,000,000 Per Year
  7. Economics and Investing (
  8. Unemployment could rise by 200,000 in 2013, says thinktank
  9. U.S., UK bank seizure plans focus on absorbing losses: regulators

Natural and Technological

  1. Beef’s Raw Edges
  2. EMP Commission Warns Catastrophic Consequences
  3. Magic Foam Can Be Shot Into The Body To Stop Major Bleeding
  4. North Star Closer to Earth Than Thought


  1. Mexican Drug Smugglers Are Launching Pot Into The U.S. With A Huge Pneumatic Cannon
  2. The Cities Where Violent Crime is Soaring
  3. U.S. Intelligence Agencies See a Different World in 2030 – Bloomberg
  4. Feds Want ‘Black Boxes’ in New Cars, But Who Will Be Tracking You?

General Interest

  1. For New Lamps, An Unlikely Energy Source: Gravity
  2. Renovation Book
  3. Correct Decisions From Situational Awareness
  4. Mayan Apocalypse Technical Analysis
  5. 12 Days of Christmas – Day Ten
  6. The Herd
  7. You Can Tackle 40 Household Tasks With Only Five Items
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