Prepper News Watch for December 12, 2012

Below is a collection of news articles that may be of particluar interest to the prepper.


  1. The FOMC Is Expected To Announce QE4 Today — Here’s What You Need To Know
  2. America is Going to Crash Big Time-Paul Craig Roberts
  3. If One Has Wealth To Preserve, The Time For Action Is Now
  4. Overnight Sentiment: All About QE4EVA
  5. Baltic Dry Plunges By Over 8% Overnight, Most Since 2008
  6. How A Handful Of Unsupervised MIT Economists Run The World
  7. Bank of England Warns of Global Currency Wars
  8. We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say | Motherboard
  9. 14 Questions People Ask About How To Prepare For The Collapse Of The Economy
  10. How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?
  11. Economic Failure: 58 Percent Of The Jobs Being Created Are Low Paying Jobs

Natural and Technological

  1. Big Asteroid Tumbles Harmlessly Past Earth


  1. The Disaster In Syria Is Getting Worse, And No One Has Any Idea What To Do About It
  2. North Korea Totally Embarrassed The Intelligence Community
  3. Victory for Self-Defense and the Second Amendment
  4. North Korea declares rocket launch a success
  5. FLEX: Nuclear Industry Disaster Plan Created To Meet NRC Rules: Huffington Post: Is US nuclear disaster plan just a “window-dressing exercise”?

General Interest

  1. 10 Tips Before & After a Self-Defense Shooting
  2. Minnesota takes first step to adding moose to endangered list
  3. FoodSaver Tips and Tricks
  4. What is the Golden Horde?
  5. Wire Wrapper Tool
  6. Scanadu’s Tricorder, the Scout
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