Prepper News Watch for December 1, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Ebola News

  1. In Liberia, Ebola Shifts From Cities To Villages | KNAU Arizona Public Radio
  2. Test Your Medical Smarts: Does This Patient Have Ebola?

Prepping and General Interest

  1. 5 Must-Have Winter Survival Items Every Car Needs
  2. Preppers should study three historical eras
  3. 32 Basic Survival Skills for Kids
  4. 21 Tips For Your Personal Security While Shopping
  5. Smart Tips For Water Storage During Winter
  6. How to Make Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater
  7. Learn How to Pasteurize Your Water Without Boiling
  8. Bug Out Bag for Dogs: Make sure your dog is prepared
  9. How to Recognize 9 Common Game Fish Diseases
  10. Off Grid Emergency Power: SunJack Portable Solar Charger Review
  11. How to Preserve Body Heat in the Wild
  12. Flexible Prepping
  13. Why the Revolver isn’t Out of Date
  14. Plantains
  15. Teaching Our Kids About Survival And Self-Reliance
  16. Is a Preparedness Group for me?
  17. Emergency Kit For Your Pet – 10 Items
  18. Charcoal for the Treatment of Diarrhea or Dysentery
  19. Selecting the Right Holster for the Job
  20. List of ‘Collapse’ Medical Supplies
  21. How to Use a Pair of Glasses to Survive in the Wilderness
  22. Letter Re: Light Tactical Trailer– The M1102
  23. How To Obtain Protein From Alternative Sources Without A Firearm, by Rockvault
  24. First Aid For Your Pet’s Survival
  25. 5 More Everyday Items That Can Be Used For Survival
  26. Survival Medicine Hour: Ballistic Trauma, Styes, Fat Intake
  27. 10 Survival Items to Scavenge from Abandoned Bicycles
  28. Serial Security Failures in Ferguson
  29. What’s a WaPI?
  30. 5 Clever Ways To Fish Without A Pole
  31. 10 Foods You Can Store For 100 Years
  32. Bond-Like Gadget Starts Fire Anywhere, Anytime
  33. Homesteading Skills To Learn From Pioneers
  34. How to back up a trailer,Tips and Tricks
  35. Ship’s Biscuits .. Native Biscotti .. HARDTACK:
  36. Twelve Days of Christmas–Food Storage
  37. Long-Term Storage : Know your Enemy The Moth
  38. This Chart Shows the “Superfoods” Backed with Some Scientific Evidence
  39. Make a Simple Stock While You Do the Dishes After a Holiday Meal


  1. Winter Weather Delays 3,000 Thanksgiving Weekend Flights

Freedom Issues

  1. Government could turn to 225-year-old law to force user decryption

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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