Prepper News Watch for April 30, 2014

Prepper News Watch

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Make Homemade Pasta Without a Machine
  2. 3 Tips For Creating An Online Income Before You Move Abroad
  3. How to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment
  4. Back to Eden gardening method
  5. 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Bunker
  6. This Bites.
  7. 5 Tips to be Prepared to Help Others
  8. Square Foot Gardening 101: The Secrets for Planning a Successful Garden
  9. The Sweet Spot of Frugal
  10. Do Homemade Waterproof Matches Work?
  11. Classic Mint Juleps
  12. Five Simple Ways to Improve Soil Quality For Successful Crops Year After Year
  13. For the want of a nail – Preparedness Advice Blog | Preparedness Advice Blog
  14. The “Almost” EMP Proof Vehicle
  15. Food Storage: Should I Hide It?
  16. 10 Tornado Signs
  17. Knot of the Week: Tying a Barrel Knot for Single Line Rappelling
  18. Surviving A Cold Night With Nothing But The Clothes On Our Backs
  19. Beta-QR Keychain Flashlight
  20. 3×5 Rite in the Rain note pad kit Rite in the Rain all weather…
  21. Free download – The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide – Childbirth
  22. How To Cleverly Use A GPS Tracker
  23. Buck Nighthawk Destruction Test
  24. Laundry Manual


  1. China Slams US Over Russian Sanctions; Warns “Will Escalate Tensions”
  2. Isolated Russia Makes Friends: To Hold Military Drill With China; Strikes Multi-Billion Deals Qatar And Iran
  3. The West Prepares: These Are All NATO Aircraft Deployments In Response To The Ukraine Crisis
  4. Russia: US Sanctions Are ‘Iron Curtain’ Policies
  5. North Korea Carries Out ‘Live Fire’ Drill Near Disputed Maritime Border
  6. Kiev government powerless as east Ukraine slips out of its control
  7. Eleven Injured in Los Angeles Area Business Explosion
  8. Sanctions Are Not Going to Hurt Russia At All-Jim Rogers

Freedom Issues

  1. Google Ceases Inbox Scanning in Apps for Education
  2. Lott: Bogus gun-control numbers
  3. New Jersey: Senate Committee to Hear Gun and Magazine Ban Legislation on Monday
  4. More Anti-gun Propaganda, Attacks and Incorrect “Facts”
  5. The facial recognition databases are coming. Why aren’t the privacy laws?
  6. Federal Land Grab Comes to California at Vail Lake
  7. Concealed Carry Growing in Popularity among Chicago Women, Seniors
  8. NRA’s Chris Cox thunders against Obama, Holder and anti-gun hypocrisy
  9. Jersey City’s extra gun forms ruled offensive to New Jersey law
  10. Oklahoma: Overwhelmingly Supported Pro-Gun Bill Vetoed by Governor
  11. When the FDA Plays God, Investors Make a Killing
  12. Unexpected Suggestions for Constitutional Changes
  13. E-cigarette bans take effect in Chicago and New York
  14. US supreme court justices debate phone privacy and police seizures
  15. Guns Prohibited in FedEx Warehouse Where Gunman Opened Fire
  16. ‘One Nation Under Allah’: The Islamization of American Public Schools
  17. Gates-Funded inBloom Student Data Processing Company Shuts Down over Privacy Concerns


  1. Russia Sanctions And The Dollar World Reserve Currency: Avalanches Begin As Snowflakes
  2. Why Did The Fed Hold An Emergency Meeting Yesterday?
  3. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac may need $190 billion in big downturn: regulator
  4. U.S. economy slows to stall-speed
  5. China poised to overtake US as world’s largest economy, research shows
  6. China to Surpass USA as World’s Largest Economy THIS YEAR
  7. 17 Facts To Show To Anyone That Believes That The U.S. Economy Is Just Fine
  8. Rents Soar To Record High As Homeownership Rate Plunges To 19 Year Low
  9. oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: America’s Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy
  10. No Spaghetti For You: Venezuela Noodle Maker Halts Production Due To Lack Of Dollars
  11. A mortuary of 7,000,000 foreclosures and counting
  12. The death of deflation
  13. Has the Dollar Lost its Safe haven status?

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. DHS issues warning about using Internet Explorer
  2. Antibiotics are losing effectiveness in every country, says WHO | Society |
  3. Deadly storms trigger widespread flooding in Florida and Alabama
  4. SecureDrives Announces Self-Encrypting SSD With Physical Data Destruction | – Storage Reviews
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer Zero Day Exploit Threatens 26% of Web Users
  6. AOL traces mystery spam flood to security breach; passwords and more stolen
  7. Adobe warns of critical vulnerability in Flash for Windows,Mac, Linux
  8. Meet SCiO, the handheld scanner that IDs the molecules of food and pharmaceuticals | TechHive
  9. The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television
  10. NASA Warns: “If A Space Super Storm Like The 2012 Storm Hits Earth We Will Be Picking Up The Pieces For Years”
  11. Deadly tornadoes and storms caused by freak combination of conditions
  12. Risk of nuclear accidents is rising, says report on near-misses

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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