Prepper News Watch for April 28, 2015



  1. GM Ignition Death Toll Rises Again, Now At 90
  2. Nylabone Recalls Puppy Starter Kits For Possible Salmonella Contamination
  3. Baltimore “Purge”: National Guard Arrives As City Burns, Rioters Warn “Nice Night For A Revolution” – Live Webcast
  4. The Baltimore Riots: The Stunning Comments By Orioles Owner’s Son
  5. Expert: China’s Nuclear Warning May Be Sign of Frustration With US
  6. Raw Video: Scenes From Monday’s Riots in Baltimore
  7. Nepal earthquake: death toll could reach 10,000, says PM
  8. Baltimore mayor says damage caused by riots will ‘impact our community for years’ – video
  9. Baltimore begins clean-up after night of riots over Freddie Gray – live updates
  10. Baltimore protesters: ‘Yeah, they’re throwing things cos they’re angry, but they’re not shooting bullets’ – video
  11. U.S. lowers fluoride in water for first time in five decades

Prepping and General Interest

  1. What is Preeclampsia? » Pulling Curls
  2. Are The Baltimore Riots Being Manipulated?
  3. Free Firearms Training Courtesy of Bass Pro
  4. In Every City In America There Are People Ready To Riot, Loot And Set Things On Fire
  5. It is Time to Review Your Earthquake Guidelines
  6. When Is Good, Good Enough for Emergency Planning?
  7. 10 Ways Hiking Can Help You Be Better Prepared
  8. Baltimore Burns. Martial Law Next?
  9. Everyday Safety Tips – Part 1: ATM Money Withdrawal
  10. Learning from the Earthquake in Nepal
  11. 10 Weeds That Heal: And They’re Right In Your Backyard
  12. How Much Cash Should You Have If the Grid Goes Down?
  13. How to Tune Arrows for Traditional Bows: The Correct Spine and Length Combo
  14. Shooting Tip: How to Measure Groups to Determine Accuracy

Prepper Expos

  1. PrepperShowsUSA | Prepper Shows and Survivalist Expos

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