Prepper News Watch for April 15, 2013

Prepper News Watch

Gold – The big economic story over the weekend was the dramatic drop in the price of gold. You’re going to see a lot of opinions on this, but here’s my take: Don’t worry about it. Gold isn’t going away as a form of real money, and the only time you need to worry about the price of it is when you either buy, sell or trade with it. Otherwise, don’t get caught up in this noise about the price of gold. Much like everything else in the global economy, it’s being manipulated. You should be looking at it as an opportunity to buy some more at a lower price.

North Korea – Many people wrongly assume that North Korea can’t hit the US. All that is needed to destroy the United States is a single nuclear detonation 300 miles over the center of the country. That creates enough EMP to take down the power grid and destroy electronics across the country. NKorea has a recently launched satellite with an unknown payload that crosses the US twice a day. Additionally, they could launch a ballistic missile over the south pole and detonate it when it reaches the US. These are all too real scenarios that can happen far easier than most people believe.

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  1. North Korea Rebuffs Talks As A ‘Crafty Trick’
  2. North Korean EMP attack unstoppable?
  3. NKorean Website Threatens Nuclear Attacks on LA, DC, NY And Arkansas
  4. The Ultimate North Korean Missile Threat To America: A Nuke Power Grid Attack – Forbes
  5. North Korea dismisses offer of talks as John Kerry urges dialogue | World news |

Freedom Issues

  1. New York gun law takes effect amid protest from NRA | World news |
  2. GUN WATCH: A Missouri School Trains Its Teachers to Carry Guns, and Most Parents Approve
  3. GUN WATCH: Charles Schumer: Gun-control deal means NY could be ‘swamped’ by out-of-staters with concealed arms
  4. Boehner Plans Lengthy Review of Senate Gun Bill
  5. GUN WATCH: Coburn Amendment:Sane Universal Background Checks
  6. Durbin: We Don’t Yet Have the Votes for Gun Control
  7. GUN WATCH: A germane comparison
  8. Wake up America! Who is in the Second Amendment’s Corner?
  9. New Bill Could Ban All Lead Ammo in California by 2016


  1. When Can We All Admit the Euro Is an Economic Failure? | Tim Duy PhD | FINANCIAL SENSE
  2. Gold’s Demise “Still in Early Stages” as Price Drops Below $1400 | Ben Traynor | FINANCIAL SENSE
  3. Gartman Has Never Seen Anything Like This | Tim Iacono | FINANCIAL SENSE
  4. Gold Drops Most In 30 Years | Zero Hedge
  5. 100 Years Old And Still Killing Us: America Was Much Better Off Before The Income Tax
  6. Two Weekend Developments | Zero Hedge
  7. China Takes Another Stab At The Dollar – Launches Currency Swap Line With France
  8. Top Gold Analyst – “We Can’t Imagine What It Would Be Like If There Was True Chaos”

Science, Nature and Tech

  1. H7N9 Bird Flu Cases In China Rise By Three To 63; Four-Year-Old Carrier Discovered – Forbes
  2. New bird flu well-adapted to infect people –
  3. Dead kidney brought back to life in the lab as scientists take first step towards constructing kidneys for humans | Mail Online
  4. Bird Flu Spreads To Beijing, Province Of Henan; Death Toll Rises To 13 | Zero Hedge
  5. RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard in Germany on Thursday, 11 April, 2013
  6. Android gets 97% of malware.
  7. H7N9 Bird Flu Cases Jump To 60 In China; Shanghai Reports Two New Deaths – Forbes
  8. How Long Should I Keep Old Documents?
  9. What the Death of the Sun Will Look Like

Prepping and General Interest

  1. Should Gun Guys Care About ‘The Walking Dead’? – Guns & Ammo
  2. World is Unprepared as Climate Change Starvation ‘Disaster’ Lies Ahead: Report | Common Dreams
  3. What Consumers Need to Know About Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages, and Floods
  4. Having clean hands is the first step to preventing the spread of the common cold and flu virus this winter. Read on to stay healthy with good hand hygiene
  5. Should I Worry About the Bird Flu?
  6. Traditional or Compound — Which Bow is Right for You?
  7. This Color-Coded Chart Helps You Pick the Most Nutritious Produce
  8. How Do I Grind Coffee Without a Coffee Grinder?
  9. Add Some Extra Storage to Your Home This Weekend
  10. The Remington 1100 Turns 50
  11. Off the Grid: Police Capture Maine Hermit Who Lived in Woods for 27 Years
  12. Trout Tips: How To Hook The Biggest Breeder in the Stream
  13. Fog Proof Your Goggles
  14. Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XTherm

None of the above should be considered an endorsement or an attempt to push any particular agenda by the Preparedness Podcast. They’re simply presented here as an informative source.

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