Prepper News Watch December 8, 2012

  1. Survival Skills: How To Make A Torch | Outdoor Life Survival
  2. Honeyville Farms – Cookin Cousins
  3. 9 Reasons a Coffee Can Should be in Your Survival Kit
  4. Letter Re: Economic Collapse and Power Grid Collapse
  5. Three Letters Re: Hurricane Sandy After Action Reports
  6. Economic Shock From Fiscal Cliff Will Last Over a Decade: U.S. Manufacturers | Breakout – Yahoo! Finance
  7. Letter Re: Durable Paper For Printing Maps and Crucial Documents
  8. Letter Re: A Veterinarian’s Perspective on Prepper Medicine
  9. Some Personal Thoughts on Surviving the Monetary Meltdown
  10. How To Survive A Stampede
  11. Peter Schiff: Dollar Collapse Before Obama’s Out – Seeking Alpha
  12. Philips L-Prize Bulb
  13. Free Prepper Downloads
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