Predictions 2022 – Watch out for these

There are too many things going on to keep an eye on all of them. Below is the list of things that keeps me up at night. This is not a time line – though some do need to happen before others.

  1. The Sun’s output has been dropping slowly, cooling down the earth and wakening volcanoes. Now that we’ve entered the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), the cooling is accelerating.
  2. The cooling climate is beginning to show in local weather. Among the most significant are the global weather-related crop failures (heh, just wait for this winter).
  3. Governments have known about the coming GSM and have been planning for it (continuity of government, which translates into continuity of elites).
  4. Overreaching tyrannical rules have created a labor shortage which is unrecoverable in scale.
  5. The energy crisis, exacerbated by #4 above, is aggravated by an “unexpectedly” very cold winter, causing reserves and supplies to be consumed at faster rates than expected. Massive deaths this winter cause people to reject “green deals” and demand fossil fuels be increased (and at lower prices).
  6. Environmentalist agendas quickly erode over the next few years as the cooling trend becomes obvious to even the most ardent “climate change activist.” The “Great Flip Flop” goes mostly unnoticed, as people’s attention is focused on more pressing issues.
  7. The combination of crop failures and energy shortages causes farmers to sow fields without the benefit of modern fertilizer, which ushers in food shortages starting in 2022. Poorer countries experience famine, while 1st world countries experience low food stocks and high prices at the grocery stores. The “Great Famine of 2022” marks the point at which modern civilization is unlikely to quickly recover.
  8. Resource shortages force governments and companies to restructure manufacturing priorities, leading to massive shortages of luxury items and many comfort items people have taken for granted.
  9. The global economy, having been held together by chewing gun and twine, collapses in many parts of the world. Seeking to lessen the abuses of the United States, the US Dollar is removed from its global reserve currency status. This causes the US to essentially become a 3rd world country in a matter of weeks.
  10. Continuing massive crop failures in 2022 sparks many countries to go to war, either because they need arable land or because they decide to settle old grudges.
  11. Several volcanic eruptions, VEI 6 to VEI 7, ejects massive amounts of particulate debris into the upper atmosphere. This debris remains aloft for several years, causing a “volcanic winter,” in which the coming mini ice age is greatly accelerated.
  12. Famine and starvation spread to every country across the globe, as it becomes impossible for us to grow enough food for nearly 8 billion people. As this becomes evident to the public, the run-of-the-mill rioting taking place during this time will turn into large-scale food riots, as people begin to understand their plight.
  13. After several months of food riots, “The Great Starvation of 2023” will begin.
  14. Russia invades Ukraine, partly as a ruse for China. This invasion creates a distraction for the US, whose war fighting abilities have been diminished due to political correctness. The US is incapable of putting together a viable response in time. Up to 40% of the new military personnel claim “conscientious objector” status.
  15. While the US is occupied by events in the Ukraine, China launches their long anticipated attack on Taiwan. The supply chain of goods manufactured in China grinds to a halt. The US finds itself unable to obtain critical and needed supplies and many people die from the lack of life-saving medicines. Taiwan is only the opening act of their war campaign, as the a Chinese intend to take over Japan, the Koreas, and everything west to India and south to Australia.
  16. Still holding a grudge over the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia invades all prior union countries and moves to take over Europe, which it eventually accomplishes, though at a great loss of resources. Conscription from satellite states becomes common.
  17. Having moved key people and materials outside of target areas, the Chinese make a calculated strategic land grab for American soil and launch a nuclear strike on the US, including EMPs. This is a multi-purpose maneuver: it further destroys the ability for the US to interfere with China’s campaigns; it sets up conditions to invade the US once they conquer South Asia and the south Pacific; and US retaliation will do the Chinese a favor by killing people they can’t feed anyway.
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