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Just finished uploading episode #19 which covers Pandemic Flu.  It’s the scoop on the real info about pandemic flu and what you can do to prepare for them.

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Below are the show notes:

Unless you have been living under rock, you have no doubt heard about the Swine Flu.  This show is going to be all about Pandemic Flu, and Swine Influenza A H1N1.  There is a lot of bad information being passed around, so we’re going to address the facts and realities of Pandemic Flu.

Facts and status of the flu as of 4-29-2009.

  • 91 laboratory confirmed human cases in US
  • 1 confirmed death in the US
  • More than 160 deaths in Mexico (not all have been 100% confirmed, but that’s Mexico for you).
  • Pandemic Alert Level 5
  • This is a new virus – no one has seen it before and no one has any immunity to it.


Really Good FAQ on Swine Flu:


Flu Transmission Simulation:


How does this flu compare to other pandemic flu?

– Swine flu of 1976

– Spanish Flu of 1918-1919


Spanish Flu Facts:


Some Pandemic Flu sites:


Build your own safe room fan filter:


Mask Model Numbers:

N95 – 3M 8211

N100 – 3M 8233


Use Calcium Hypochlorite to Disinfect Water


Reputable places that sell masks online:


Topics of discussion

  • Is this serious? What’s the big deal about this flu when it hasn’t killed anywhere near as many as seasonal flu?
  • It might not be bad now, but the worry is that it could mutate so.
  • Prevention, isolation, quarantine
  • What masks and other PPE? N95 vs N100?
  • How long do the masks last?
  • Reusing masks?
  • Mask vents
  • Cost of PPE compared to other insurance policies
  • Be prepared for quarantined, or partial quarantine (like a school closing)
  • What to store?
  • How long to store food (etc.) for (maybe several waves of a pandemic flu)
  • Vaccines?
  • Decon stuff
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