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  1. I wanted to put out there my personal recommendations for trying to stay safe…. My work was deemed “essential” during stay at home orders and I kept working with others in a small, ~120sq foot room 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. What I do:
    1. Always wear a mask indoors
    2. Wear a pair of easy on and off rubberized work gloves for everything except I touch, except when working at my sanitized computer station (I spray keyboards, touch screens and mouse with 70% isopropanol)
    3. Always eat and drink outdoors.
    4. At the start and end of my shift I wet mop my work room and our common area restroom with a 10% bleach solution. This hopefully can provide a damp surface where aerosols can stick and be inactivated rather than float around.
    5. We leave our room AC unit on and I routinely spray alcohol or coil cleaner on the evaporator coil. *a wet Evap coil is a place where I would expect aerosols to stick and then wash away with the condensate but an alkaline coil cleaner or alcohol certainly can’t hurt.

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