Pandemic 2020 #6 – Next Steps

This pandemic will be with us for about the next two years or so and over this time, what will happen is anyone’s guess. For example, we are currently experiencing record levels of daily cases, but the fatality rate remains low. No one is certain why this is… some are still expecting it to rise, while others point out we have better protocols for handling COVID-19 in hospitals and the age group with the highest numbers are the under 50 crowd, which generally handle illness better than their elderly counterparts.

However, I’m expecting this to change, as the majority of new active cases are in the 20-44 year range. And, most of these are either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic. We’re likely to start seeing daily death counts start rising again as these people infect their older family members.

The takeaway is this is crisis isn’t going away, no matter how much we protest it or try to wish it away. And, until we have a understanding of the virus, its capabilities, and how to treat it, we will be dealing with a chaotic system, in which anything may occur. This will be compounded by other events which disrupt everyday life (protests, riots, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and so on). 

One of the main reasons people die or make their predicament worse when in a survival situation is because they didn’t realize they were in one. Make no mistake, we are in a survival situation now. The situation is fluid and tenuous and can change on a moments notice. You need to take advantage of this time – particularly when there is a low point of activity – to restock, resupply, patch holes, improve plans, and make ready for the next phase, whatever that may be.

When the general public got wind the pandemic was hitting the US, there was a mad scramble for supplies. Water, paper towels and toilet paper flew off the shelves, followed quickly by food and other things that people thought they might need. Suddenly, the most basic needs were the most important and in short supply. People who weren’t prepared or heed the “group think” of the public and get supplies while they could found themselves begging for a roll of TP or other staple on social media platforms (seriously, how does a mom of five kids not have extra of needed items on hand and only rely on the weekly grocery trip for supplies?).

If you were quick, you might have been able to stay in front of the buying horde, but you weren’t able to pause and think about what to get next, because it was likely to be gone by the time you figured out you needed it. After the food and sundries, the panic buying moved to weapons and ammunition. Low supply on key staples has gone on for weeks, and we’re just now seeing supply catch up in some areas. 

It bears repeating, take advantage of this period to restock your supplies. Some of the items you should be looking at restocking or increasing include:

  • TP and paper towels
  • Food staples (yeast, flour, rice, beans, canned goods, meat for freezer, etc.)
  • Disinfecting supplies (hand sanitizer, Lysol/Clorox wipes, etc.)
  • Seeds and gardening tools
  • Guns, ammunition, magazines, and other defensive items


So what’s next? What can we expect over the next two years? A great question and one that likely can’t be answered. When this pandemic hit here and people were scrambling for supplies, I was quite surprised to see how fast people reacted and bought TP. I think this is the byproduct of people watching a decade of shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and seeing everyone say the same thing, “You see this roll of TP, this will be gold during the apocalypse!” Either that or they all realized they’re three wipes away from disaster.

Companies selling long term storage food saw months of inventory sell out in a few days, and they are still trying to catch up to all the orders they took back in March. Ammunition is just starting to be restocked in levels where you might be able to find some, if you’re lucky. This is the perfect time to restock your pantry and preps to get ready for the next event. (BTW, Legacy Food Storage is almost caught up with their mountain of orders, meaning this is a good time to put in an order for food and receive it relatively soon. If you’re going to be buying from them, please use this link. You pay the same great price, and we make a little commission on the sale.

Next Event… Say What?

A pandemic on its own is enough to strain our grasp on normalcy. We’re only halfway through 2020 and it’s only been a few months into this pandemic, but we’re already starting to see the cracks in the overall system. In the past few months, we’ve seen:

  • Massive run on supplies, leaving shelves in many stores bare
  • Cities and states locked down in attempt to control the spread of COVID-19
  • Supply chains have been strained to breaking points trying to keep up with demand
  • Food shortages and waste due to issues with meat processing plants, supply chain inefficiencies
  • Protests pushing back against lockdown orders
  • Cities experiencing riots and violence 
  • What’s around the corner? A pandemic flu? Major hurricane?

Something to keep in mind is we are in the Fourth Turning decade. For the next 10 years, this country will go through some chaotic times and significant changes – which we’ve already seen the start of. If you’re unfamiliar with what the Fourth Turning is, listen to Dr. Martenson’s interview of Neil Howe. This is a serious good video and worth an hour of your time.

Get Prepared, Be Prepared.

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