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Pandemic 2020 #5 – Understanding Case Fatality Rate — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for continuing to cover COVID and offering up well researched advice. My personal worry is that the actual number of cases known is way too low for the RFR to be accurate. The number of people in the USA infected but asymptomatic and most probably not even tested is probably pretty high.

    • The RFR is based on those known cases that have resolved by either recovery or death. It’s a simple metric with finite boundaries. I look at it in this context: If your infection of COVID-19 is serious (meaning you have to go to the hospital), then you have an X% chance of dying. That’s what the RFR tells you. If your infection is so mild that you don’t even know you have it, then it’s inconsequential to this number (as you weren’t at risk to begin with).

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