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Pandemic 2020 #2 – COVID-19 is Not a Hoax — 3 Comments

  1. I am glad to hear that the info is now apparently available to us that there can be long term damage from COVID infection. Because my spouse is FROM China, I have been hearing that and other things (things like everyone should wear a mask) from her since January or February…
    Everyone I talk with seems to have been following the fashion of saying they “don’t trust China’s numbers”, but their numbers are 84.5k infected, 4.5k dead, according to WHO. That’s a 5% death rate and jives pretty well with what we are now being told? Wonder of wonders.
    I’ve got to question why it is that if any other country had evidence or warnings of something bad that we didn’t do the safe thing and assume that it was true, rather than somehow assuming it was some kind of hoax…. Or that it wouldn’t affect us. Also: what was our CDC doing? Just not paying attention to public health news abroad? Being influenced by the White House?

    • I don’t have answers to those questions and I wouldn’t know who would. I think the best we can do for ourselves is to look at the facts and data and come to our own conclusions on what COVID-19 is and its effects. It’s why I present this information.

  2. Ya, and thanks for providing what info you could find. Regarding numbers, I work in close quarters w a guy whose wife and kid had symptoms. They weren’t tested specifically because she isn’t a front line medical worker. Our numbers of infected must be low, and if we believe the number of COVID19 deaths, it seems that infected in the US is about 2million, since we apparently just reached 100000 dead.

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