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Rhymes with Threat Analysis

Here’s the accompanying list for the Threat Analysis podcast. Remember, this is just an example of a working think-tool for potential threats that may affect you. Your list may look different, or may be organized in different manner. Either way, the point is to make a list of what things may occur and adapt your preparedness plan accordingly. Personal Events Home Fire Vehicle Accident Property Crime (theft, robbery, burglary, etc.) Health Problem (injury or disease) Job Loss Economic Events Recession Collapse Inflation Deflation Natural Disasters Pandemic Wild fire Urban fire Pollutants and toxins from fire Severe storms (micro-bursts, tornadoes, hail, … Continue reading

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Even MREs have a Shelf Life

Both are MRE cakes from 20 years ago or so. The one on the left must have had pinholes in the retort packaging. The one on the right didn’t taste too good either. In general, I’m okay with MREs, as I think they taste okay and it’s hard to beat a full MRE in terms of packaging and what you get.  Pretty darned decent survival food, when you consider it all.  I have my suspicions that those who say they don’t MREs are only bandwagoning.  I’ve seen people eat the exact same stuff in “civie” versions that they won’t touch … Continue reading

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Common Daily Tasks

Update: This list talked about on Episode 123 – Back To Basics – Commonly Overlooked Preparedness Tasks When creating your preparedness plan, it often helps to have a list of the things that you do everyday, so that you can plan to keep doing those same things even if you can’t make it to the store.  Before I created the Preparedness Capability Checklist, I made a bunch of lists that allowed me to get a better handle on what I was trying to accomplish. Even though we now have the checklist, I think it’s still important to look at what it is … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Economic Crash, pt 1

I emailed the link for my post on the “Crash of 2008” to all my family and friends, as I want them to be aware of what’s coming and what they can do to prepare.  One of my family members wrote back asking questions about various topics, some from previous emails that I’ve sent to them.  The below addresses those questions (and more), as I think everyone can benefit from these concerns. “… do you think it’s necessary to get a tent? Do you anticipate the need to leave the house and go somewhere to camp out?” I think a … Continue reading

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