Prepper News Watch for January 13, 2015

News Calif. links 26 measles cases to Disneyland outbreak Prepping and General Interest New Smith & Wesson Handguns for 2015 How to Clean Your Muzzleloader MagPul Releases New Products Including Adjustable PRO Rear Sight Odd Guns: PS90 SBR Gun Review: Rock Island Armory 22TCM/9mm 1911 Medical POV: Rifle vs Handgun Wounds Establishing Roadblocks to Control Post-Disaster Travel The FBI is Going 9mm: Here Comes the Science 10 Ways to Make the 52 Week Savings Plan Work for You Everyday Items That Can Be Used For Survival/Prepping Survival Basics: Be Prepared For Pet Emergencies Long Term Care for Rechargeable Batteries – … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 12, 2015

Prepping and General Interest AXTS Weapons Systems MI-T556 14.5” Carbine How To Make Your Own Snowshoes In A Survival Situation Why ‘Loners’ Are Doomed In A Crisis How to Make Soap: Cold Process with Oatmeal How To Choose A Stove For Your Off-Grid House Video: Rectal Rehydration Reader Question : Suggestions for a 9mm Handgun But he Doesn’t want a Glock Growing an Actual Survival Garden – Tips and Advice to Get You Started Handgun Stopping Power: One-Shot Stops Personal Safety While in Crowds or Traveling. They Call This, Rope? Plan Your Bug Out Routes Equipment Review: Solo Backpacking Stove … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 9, 2015

News MI5 boss warns al-Qaeda planning mass casualty attacks on the West Arizona: Volunteers Needed for Clean Up of Popular Shooting Area on the Tonto National Forest WNW 172-Islamic Terror Spreads West, Oil Price Plunge, Declining Economy Prepping and General Interest GLONASS – The GPS Alternative You Never Knew Existed First Look: New CZ-USA Firearms for 2015 First Look: Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander If It’s Not A Hard Asset, It’s No Asset How To Keep Perishables (Even Bananas) From Spoiling Re: Building a Bucket Ham Repeater Food Security in Beans and Peas, by CJ Food Storage DO-OVER Taking the Plunge: … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 8, 2015

News 84% Of America Is Freezing This Morning, “No Relief In Sight” Revolutionary New Antibiotic Kills Drug-Resistant Germs Prepping and General Interest AlertsUSA – 3 Day Sale! Survival Skills: How To Set Up An Isolation Room for a Pandemic Fishing Tips: How To Gauge Crankbait Color Selection What’s the Difference Between Stock and Broth? — Word of Mouth | The Kitchn 10 Teeth Brushing Tips Everyone Needs To Know Leupold Deltapoint Pro Meopta Announces New MeoStar HD Binoculars So You Want to Buy a Transferable Machine Gun? Bond Arms Extreme Torture Test Gun Review: Kahr Arms CW380 .380ACP Pistol Pistol … Continue reading

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AlertsUSA – 3 Day Sale!

Take advantage of this terrific alerts service! Alert messages are sent in SMS form direct to your mobile device. You also receive a weekly audio National Situation Update and newsletter (also sent to your mobile device) providing expanded details and expert analysis on alerts sent during the preceding six days. In short, SMS alerts for immediate notification and a weekly roundup and analysis in audio and newsletter form each weekend to fill out the details. With AlertsUSA you learn of threats and breaking events much faster than with the mainstream media, if they report on a subject at all. The … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 7, 2015

News Boston museum lifts the lid from the oldest time capsule in the U.S. 3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Dallas “It’s A Butchery” – 12 Killed In Terrorist Attack On French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo: Live Webcast TERROR ATTACK, OIL, USD Prepping and General Interest Portable Remote Target Changer From TARGETVISION Adcor Defense MSR Polymer “Dust-Wipe” BCG How Recoil Spring Rate Affects Timing Maintaining Good Hygiene During a Water Shortage Economic Crash: Is It Possible to Prepare for? Preparedness: Tip for getting the wife on board Guide to Food Storage – 9 Effective Tips Review: Baofeng GT-3 Handheld Ham Radio Car … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 6, 2015

Prepping and General Interest Go-Pro helmet catches Firefighter taking on some serious flames Plastic Storage Caps for Wide Mouth Canning Jars 9 Financial Skills Everyone Needs During Hard Times Learn How to Tie 12 Useful Knots with This Visual Guide First Look: New Ruger 22 Charger Pistol & 22 Charger Takedown Stealth Gunpowder Black Creek Precision 9mm AR Pistols SilencerCo Osprey Suppressor Review New Bolt Carriers With Integral Gas Keys By Voodoo Innovations Browe Tactical Optic – Browe 4x Power in 7075-t6 Blue Laser from NcStar An Emergency Dental Kit 16 Important Rules of Survival and Preparedness ….On practical IFAKs … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 5, 2015

News American exposed to Ebola headed to Nebraska for monitoring Prepping and General Interest Magic Mineral Broth Preppernomics: How to Survive While the Dollar Dies How likely is a Solar Superstorm or EMP Attack? The Get Home Bag and it’s Contents Build your Cash Emergency Fund How To Prepare For The Imminent 30-Year Cold Spell (You’ve Probably Never Heard Of) 20 Common Wild Plants You Can Eat For Survival The Only 3 Blades You’ll Ever Need In The Wilderness Which Home and Land when the SHTF? Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System Will YOU Be Homeless After The Economic Collapse? 8 … Continue reading

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Survival is Impossible Without Water pt 2

By Bison Pumps “the Power of Water in Your Hands” Groundwater is the most accessible, dependable, and longest lasting form of potable water. In this article, we will explore the methods of accessing, conveying and storing groundwater.   Accessing ground water Can anyone have a well, how do you know if you will hit an aquifer, what is hydrofracking, dousing, Hand dug vs Drilled vs Well Point vs artisian (pros and cons) Understanding physics of water removal – Physics of water removal – static water level When using a hand pump, shallow well suction vs. deep well lift Conveyance System: The bucket … Continue reading

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Prepper News Watch for January 2, 2015

News General Motors Recalls 83,572 Trucks And SUVs For Ignition Switch Problems Weaponized Ebola? ISIS Militants Said To Contract Deadly Virus Prepping and General Interest Stockpiling Ammunition | Still Getting Ready! Soak Corks in Alcohol to Make Cheap Candles Emergency Uses for Old Socks A Prepper’s Review of History Channel’s Revelation: The End of Days 10 Secret Places to Hide Your Valuables Survival Guns for Women : Key Points to Consider When Buying Your First Handgun How to make and use dehydrated or freeze-dried food to prepare meals in a jar Economic 14 Things That Will Be More Expensive in … Continue reading

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