Our Fragile Infrastructure

Two act of sabotage has left a large portion of Central California with distrupted communications, especially telephone communications.

Hundreds of thousands of AT&T, Verizon, Nextel and Sprint customers with land lines, cell phones and Internet service were affected.

Reminiscent of the hours after an earthquake, widespread communications interruptions baffled emergency service providers, businesses and residents as cell phone chatter, Web surfing, ATM, credit card and other electronic data sharing came to a screeching halt overnight.

Lets face it, we’re pretty reliant on our working infrastructure.  Disrupting it in any way has far reaching and last effects.  Read through the linked article then ask yourself how disrupted your life would be if you faced the same dilemma.  How would you overcome your communication obstacles?  Where do I even start to plan for something like this.  I’d recommend starting with the Preparedness Capabilities Checklist, specifically, the section on Communications.  Please take the time to read through the section and write down questions or goals as they occur to you.

I also recommend an investment in time in becoming Ham Radio Operator at the level of Technician.  It isn’t a difficult test and is something that can be accomplished with a rather low investment in time and effort.

Communications is incredibly important, and it’s often easy to forget how important until after you lose it.  This is something that should be ranked right up there with food and water.  If given a choice, I’d choose Comms over a weapon, though the thought of doing without either makes me cringe.

No, I’m not going to get into why it was cut or any other black helicopter stuff.  There are other sites for that, our and my focus is about being prepared for when things like this happen.



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