No Podcast This Week

Apologies from all of us, but there will be no podcast for this week. 

This past Sunday, when we normally record the podcast, we were all camping in the desert. We do this a couple times a year to get together for some face to face time and to do some training. We attempted to record earlier this week, but we were all playing ‘catch up’ from the weekend with work and never got to record it.

If you remember the podcast about ‘networking,’ we stress that it’s important for you to find people that share your beliefs, and coalesce with the ones that you can trust.  That’s exactly what we did, and even though we don’t live all that close to each other, we make it a point to get together several times a year. This past weekend was one of our “pow wows.” 

And, boy, was it fun! Three days camping and shooting targets in the desert with some great friends can do a lot to boost morale.

We were going to record a podcast from on location, but it was so windy that about the only thing that you would have heard would have been wind noises in the microphone.

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