NBC attack "likely" by 2013

It’s something many have decided will happen. Now there is a report from a bipartisan commission stating it publicly and with enough candor that it sounds like they are certain.

Fox news article

Commission report

Still wondering if preparedness is something that needs to be done? With everything else going on, these types of reports and urgings from officials act like a bunch of roadsigns pointing to the need to be prepared. Honestly, did anyone really think with all the misguided people out there that we’d never experience another attack on our soil. The scary part is that when it happens is less likely to be a concventional attack, but more likely one involving NBC.

Do you have the ability to protect and isolate yourself from NBC threats?

  • Tyvek suits
  • Duct tape (not the cheap stuff)
  • Plastic sheeting (cheap and works wonders)
  • Respiratory protection
  • Filtered positive pressure air flow to your house
  • Ability to “DECON” before entering your house

All the above items can be found easily and inexpensively with the exeption the ability to provide filtered postive pressure air to your home. An option for this is what’s commonly referrd to as a “fan in a can.” It may not fit your needs exactly but it should get you started in the right direction.


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