National Ammo Shortage

Glock Muzzle BrakeAuthor Bob Owens has written an interesting article analyzing the national ammo shortage.  Ownes makes three arguments and dismisses the military as the prime cause of the shortages.  Most of the blame is placed on Civilian law enforcement agencies, both local and federal.  As the level of militarization increases within these agencies their ammo consumption has risen to meet the demands.   Lastly, Owens makes the claim that it’s us every day people causing the shortage as spurred on by his last two arguments:  Economic instability and fear of draconian firearm and ammo legislation.

I can’t say that I disagree.  I do believe Civilian Law Enforcement is the major contributing factor in the rise of ammo prices over the years.  This is an industry that has had large growth over the last decade coupled with changing missions, something I do not agree with.  I don’t like the militarization of our Civilian Law Enforcement, it changes the focus from the community and that of service to that of a military unit conducting combat operations.  If the federal government would and had done its job, our law enforcement agencies wouldn’t have the need or justification to militarize to meet the increasing threats (percieved or otherwise) they are faced with today.

Owens argument about American’s fear is also spot on as far as I’m concerned.  People are scared.  Americans are currently faced with an administration and legislators that are as fervent about banning guns as fat kids get about cake, and our so-called “checks and balances” are essentially nonexistent because of the current political make up of the above mentioned.  It’s a ploy, brought in under the flag of safety and well-being.  Do not be fooled, it’s nothing more than another piece of the puzzle designed to erode our rights and freedoms.

People see the writing on the wall, they see the strong likelihood of loosing the ability to purchase, posses, and use firearms.  People also see the economic instability and envision what it could become.  It’s also impossible to watch the government fixes and measures designed to fix and stimulate the economy being done so badly that it inconceivable that it’s anything but deliberate.   I liken it to someone painting over rusted metal and hoping that the rust will go away.  I’m so frustrated that I feel like pulling my hair out.

I hope I’m not right

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