Monster Hurricanes

While our hearts, prayers and thoughts have gone out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, they now turn to those about to be ravaged by Hurricane Irma. And soon after that, possibly the victims of Hurricane Jose, whose current potential path puts it hitting potentially somewhere on the eastern seaboard.

Irma has already set new records for lowest pressure recorded and sustaining 185 MPH winds for over 24 hours. Currently, Irma’s path is projected to scrub the east coast of Florida as a Category 4 hurricane and up into Georgia as a Category 2 or 3 storm, then into Virginia as a Cat 1. They are estimating this storm, alone, will effect about 37 million people. Monster storm seems an appropriate moniker.

Within a matter of days, we have had a devastating Cat 5 hurricane hit Texas, and now three active hurricanes to watch: Irma, Jose, and Katia in the lower Gulf of Mexico. Although, Katia isn’t expected to affect the US.

It’s been a decent amount of time since we had major disasters hit the US, and since the change of administration in the White house, preppers have been “on vacation” with addressing preparedness. We know this because all of the food storage companies have been struggling due to low sale volume. It can not be overemphasized not to become complacent in your preparedness. Complacency can kill you and your family.

Disasters have a way of suddenly popping up and catching you off-guard, usually with an “out of the blue”event and a ONE-TWO punch of several disasters. This is why we prepare. It is easy to become complacent when there isn’t much happening, but if you’ve been caught by surprise by the sudden turn of recent events, let it be your wake up call to get back on the preparedness wagon.

Right now, people in Texas are only beginning to restore their lives, with many living in shelters or wherever they can find shelter, as their homes are inhabitable. People in Florida are scrambling for basic supplies of fuel, food, and water, as they make plans to evacuate. One only needs to watch about 15 minutes of the lines at the gas stations and empty shelves at the stores to realize being prepared 5 years early is much better than being unprepared one second after the disaster strikes.

Florida officials are telling people to not depend on using a shelter for safety, as they’ll be overflowed and will only be able to get the most basic of services. Instead, they are recommending people stay with friends or family outside of the potential affected areas. When governments tell you they’re unable to take care of you, you know it’s going to be bad. However, as preppers, you should already know this; government can’t really protect you or provide or you. If you want to survive, it will be up to you.

If you’re in Florida, it’s too late to prepare, you can only do what you can to evacuate. And you should evacuate. This is a major hurricane and, as of now, it’s forecasted to be completely devastating to Florida. Let’s hope it isn’t, but prepare for the worst. For those of us not directly affected by these hurricanes, please, look at these experiences to motivate yourself in stepping up your preparedness plans. Update your plans based on this information.

Get ready, because the next disaster could be in your area.


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