Major Riots Occurring NOW in Several Cities (video) – July 14, 2013 [Update 3]

The situation is escalating with major protests occurring in several major US cities. Watching the live streams, there isn’t much going on other than some people talking/chanting and a lot of walking. These types of situations can change quickly, though. Be prepared, stay safe.

Speakers on megaphones are calling for a revolution. This is a dangerous situation with the potential for it to grow beyond the control of the authorities (heck, when more than a couple hundred people form a group, it’s already beyond their control).

NOTES (what I can pick up from the video streams):

  • Protests are occurring in NY, Boston, LA, Oakland and San Francisco.
  • 18:51 – The protest in NYC has been going on for hours.
  • Some breaking glass was heard, but not seen.
  • There’s a lot of chanting, walking and general protest activity.
  • Several protesters have been heard to outright call for revolution: “We want more than justice, we want a revolution!”
  • Sign seen: “Justice for Trayvon – Fight the New Jim Crow
  • The protests seems directed and organized.
  • In Oakland, there’s a speaker with a powered megaphone who is leading the chants (more like brainwashing).
  • “My name is Opie, I’m with the revolution club.”
  • Coordinated colors seen in NYC (orange).
  • Police can be seen, but they’re being hands off. Helicopters heard in the air.
  • “F*** the system!”
  • 19:19 PDT – Police making a few arrests in NYC, the crowd is not pleased with this.
  • People are protesting right out in the street where the cars are driving.
  • 19:21 PDT – Police have used pepper spray in an arrest; the crowd is trying to make it something bigger  than it is.
  • in NYC, they’re shouting “Cops go home!” and “Peaceful protests, violent police!”
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