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Indoor Composting Bin — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting article. I wonder about the amount of compost it can produce versus what one would need to “make a dent” in a garden large enough to produce a decent percentage of your food.

    Thankfully here in the upper midwest, we don’t have a climate quite as dry as in Arizona, so larger outdoor compost bins work all right. Even then, I wish I could produce more compost than I do with a pallet-sized bin.

    Still, the coffee can-sized one is better than nothing, and beats throwing organic matter in the trash!

    • I don’t think this small composting solution is designed for the large scale. However, it should work well for an indoor herb garden or for those looking for ways to recycle materials on hand. Another thought I had, and I’m hoping someone can provide some details here, is whether you can use this small amount of compost as a slurry for your hydroponics.

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