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How to Properly Store Your Firearms — 4 Comments

  1. There is another concern about gun storage such as the ability to get to your gun and get it ready to fire. Some folks believe strongly in having guns stationed about their home, in spots not obvious where as in the case of invasion, they can get to their guns and the guns will not be spotted before the home owner can get to them. Those guns, necessarily, are kept loaded and ready to fire. These are homes that young children are not in, nor do not visit or best case of all, have had gun safety fully explained to them along with the consequences for violating gun safety rules. My father presently me with my first operational gun at the age of 5 years along with a one hour long very stern session on gun safety and the consequences of violating his rules which were thorough and the most severe consequence was losing all rights to any firearms while living in his home, regardless of age. At the age of 7, I went rabbit hunting with my father and a co-worker who upon learning I was also going, attempting to find and execute every excuse imaginable for not going because when he was invited to go, my dad just didn’t happen to mention that I was going. The co-worker eventually was compelled to go. At the end of the day as we unloaded his car of our equipment and rabbits, he told me, “Any time you want to go hunting and your dad cannot go, I would be very proud to take you because you are one of the best and safest hunters I have ever been around, including all adults.”

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